Dreamcast Rush

Its dreamcasts finnal days in stores, and what is everyone doing? Well, from posts on this board and others, everone is trying to decide their next console, this isn't surprissing seeing as xmas is little more then a month away now. But, what we should all be doing right now is going around our local game retailors and buying up everything in sight. DC games are going for dirt cheep prices right now, and it doesn't seem like most people are taking advantage of it. What im trying to say is what are you spending your $$$ on right now? over priced games for next other next gen systems, or buying already tried and true games at dirt cheap prices for the underdog of the next gen consoles? Well, you better all start getting to it, cause by the end of XMas, you will never see another dreamcast game on store shelves again.
I'm doing neither. I'm paying inflated prices importing HeadHunter and Shenmue 2 from Europe.

And after that, I'm gonna pick up a PS2, then GameCube, then Xbox.
Just to satisfy your movement, Fabrizo, I'm getting Project Justice tomorrow($20). and I've decided to bulk my dreamcast selection... in fact I urge people to get Jet Grind Radio, it's $10.... anyone know why it is 10 dollars and not a $20 sega all star?
im hampered by the fact that in my city (Winnipeg, Canada) most dreamcast games are still being sold for FULL PRICE!!! and very few of them are any less!!

and the pricing structure dosent make any sense either, Sega Rally 2 STILL costs about $50-60 canadian here (about $30-40 US) yet a few of the last games released this year are going for $40 canadian but NO less! :( :(

the prices make no sense i tell ya!!! the only thing they got right here was selling the DC system itself for $100 canadian when the US price dropped to $79 US, and when you think about the conversion, that actually made the canadian price cheaper :D

and another thing, most if not all the DC accessories i can find still cost almost full price like they did 2 years ago at the DC launch :(
That's all I've been doing these past few months. But I don't buy new, I've been getting used stuff. That will always be around, so I'm not too worried. I have 4 controllers, more than enough mem cards for now, and an assortment of accessories. It's harder and harder to hold on to my paycheck with prices so low. I wish someone would STOP me from spending ;)
Quadriflax, are there any stores where you live that sell saturn games, as I dont live far from where you live. Right now Im not getting much games for Xmas, and Im broke :( so ill get the rare games first and then focus on the common games, If anyone could tell me what games are likey to be rare let me know and ill give you my list of games I plan to get.

Anywhat here is my list of games I plan to get

Daytona USA

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike

Street Fighter 3 Double Impact

Demolition Racer:No Exit

Sega GT

Sonic Adventure

WWF Attitude

WWF Royal Rumble


Chu Chu Rocket

Power Stone


Test Drive V-Rally

Metropolis Street Racer

I know I have a few crap games but I want to see for my self.

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Crazy- There's a fair amount of stores that sell Saturn games here. Most of them are just the same chain though. I check what they have every once in a while but they don't get a whole lot. I plan on looking around a bit this weekend as it's been a while, if there's anything you want me to keep an eye out for email me with a list and how much you'd be willing to pay. Don't expect to get anything rare though.
Thanks, What Chain is it ? I might convince my parients to let me go there again. So Ill check, it would probey be easier If I went there.

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It's Game Craze. There's at least four in the area, I've only been to three of them. I think they mave have expanded lately so there could be more.
They were supposed to have one, but I don't think they do. I'm pretty sure they're locally based though. It'd be www.gamecraze.com if it was ever realized (it used to be on their business card) but I still can't connect. Maybe it's in the works.
The Dreamcast dies in March 2002. And I don't even have mine yet!! ;) As long as I can get Virtua Fighter 3, Phantasy Star, Crazy Taxi, and Shenmue, I'll be a happy man. Even though I don't own one yet, I'll miss you DC.
Sega are still supporting the DC till March 2k2? what more games have they got up their sleeve? AFAIK, theres none left...
Actualy, the DC does have 2 titles that have just begun production strangly enough. Here is what it says in the news archive of another site:

Sega Smilebit is developing a new Dreamcast soccer game called J. League Spectacle Soccer, featuring real players from J. League and FIFPro license. Spectacle Soccer is scheduled for a spring 2002 release.

Mink will port a popular x-rated PC novel adventure game called Tsubaki to Dreamcast. While the DC version won't have any nudity, it will have the full voice acting from the PC version.