hey can someone help me understand these instructions ive never done this before and really need basic how to inf

"give mkisofs the name of the directory and it will add everything in the directory to the iso. Then apply the supplied IP.BIN on the resulting ISO. "

what does that mean? how do i do that?
Look at this example:

mkisofs -C 0,11702 -V "DREAMNES" -l -o data.iso data

is the name of the directory as well as the name of the ISO file; the data directory (i.e., folder) should contain all the game files. The above command line should generate an ISO image in which you'd use IPINS.EXE (or some patching tool) to patch the IP.BIN into it.
Detailed instructions on how to build a Dreamcast image The Marcus Comstedt Way can be found here. Unless you're running a Unix variant (or an emulated Unix-like environment such as Cygwin), though, those instructions will only really work up to the point where you need to apply the IP.BIN file. All this really means is overwriting the first 32KB of the ISO with the IP.BIN file. This is really really easy with standard Unix tools; some other tools are available for DOS/Windows, but I'm not very familiar with them since I use Linux or Cygwin to prepare DC images.

Hope this helps.

Edit: those instructions were some of the first ever publically available for making bootable CD-Rs, and as such say that the first track/session must be audio. This is not actually true, and supposedly some newer Dreamcast systems will not boot unless the first session is data.

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think i almost got it, need little more help though,

im currently running win xp, cool i think i got the bootable part, but making the iso is giving me a headache. i ll look for an app later tonight, but am i correct in assuming that all i need to do is make an iso of the roms folder(is there any specific settings?) i mean i read this on a website that i need to "figure out the offset of the iso?" which in this case would be the 11702.

do i need to do that or can i just patch the ip.bin to the iso i will create and burn the sucker?

mkisofs -C 0,11702 -V "DREAMNES" -l -o data.iso data

any dos/windows apps you guys know of to make iso files? that other website is cdrecorder for unix i believe. sp tjhe mkisofs command makes no sense to me, and probably wont if i need to find a windows app to create the iso.
Christ! i thought i did it, but when i stuck it into the dc, it made the most awful sound. so i figure i mkisofs worng?

all i did was mkisofs something.iso folder

i figure now that is wrong can someone PLEEZE help me out, in understanding what i need to do to make this iso correct. the options for mkisofs make no sense to me!

Ghetto Ninja
I will assume that the CDR doesn't boot. The sound is an issue of YOUR DC, but you may try another brand of CDRs.

You can't build the image with other ISO program if you want a selfbootable CD.

mkisofs -C 0,11702 -V "DREAMNES" -l -o data.iso data

the main thing is the number 11702, because it changes depending of what do you use to burn the first session

(assuming you have the entire echelon's selfboot toolkit)

write this command at DOS prompt after you burn the first session. I recommend you that use an audio track, specially the "audio.raw" file which comes with the toolkit and you cann burn with CDRWIN (load it as an audio track) with the "open new session" checked.) (any other audio track will work, just make it as small as possible)

cdrecord -dev=x,y,z -msinfo

where x,y,z is the CDROM/CDRW where the CDR with the first session is.

it will give you the correct number for the mkisofs line

then you have to patch the iso


start this program


it will ask you for the IP.BIN (wich you may have) and the data.iso, just write their paths to patch the data.iso file

then burn the data.iso with cdrwin ONLY with these options enabled: "close session/finalize cd" and the "one that is below wich I don't remember right now (not @home) ("write postgap"?). Correct mode: MODE 2 XA