Drive Is Empty

Whenever I leave my saturn out for extended periods of not playing, I always have cd reading problems. I have tried cleaning, the cd, cleaning the lens, etc, but all of them were useless. The only thing that has EVER worked everytime is shaking it until it reads the cd. My GUESS to why this is happening is because the lens is falling out of place and shaking it eventually drops it back into place, is there any way to fix this? Like by opening it up and correcting the cd lens or something else? The problem gets worse every time, I have to shake it for nearly an hour lately to get it to work.

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Ok, this was likely very stupid of me, but I opened it up to try to fix it. After I noticed the cd lens assembly was one piece I tried fooling with the potentiometers. (This saturn is mostly dead anyway, what MORE harm can it do?)

The first one I tried apparently controlled the hight the lens reaches out, nearly grinded the lens into dust on the cd >.<

Second one I tried didnt do anything noticable.

The third one I fooled with worked like a dream, instantly booted the game perfectly Im guessing it either controls the lens alignment or lens power. I likely shortened the life of my saturn doing this but I don't care since it wasnt booting at ALL in the first place.

Ill likely get a new one in March, and make sure its a Model 2 this time.

What I want to know is, did I put myself in any danger by doing this? By danger, I dont mean the saturn dying or anything, I mean it overheating like crazy or short circuiting enough to emit sparks (which is VERY VERY unlikely but you can never be too sure)

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Only if your lens is still grinding against the CD surface and throwing sparks.
The only part of the Saturn that could really pose you any threat is just on the inside of the power supply socket where you could short 100-240v depending on where you live.

Anywhere else on the saturn is all very low voltage (9 or less) and turning any potentiometers is at worst just going to make the Saturn inoperable.
Possibly. You could burn out a component or components.

It won't cause your house to burn down, though. You definately won't see sparks fly, but you might smell something burning (burnt electronics smell).

They're set to a fairly precise resistance (or possibly capacitance) for a reason, and changing that could cause your Saturn to behave oddly or not work at all.

Other than changing the laser intensity I've neither heard of anyone adjusting anything, nor have I tried myself.