Dumb Newbie, Dumb questions

Hi all,

I'm a dumb newbie, but actually I've been lurking here for about a 8 months some reason, but I still haven't got a 50hz/60hz switch, nor anything that'll let you play backups :( . Though, I have been swapping u.s. games, I have a question about the 50hz/60hz switch...I've read the faq's, and they do not aswer these questions. There is a post that kind of answers this question, but not completely.

Here it is: If you download an iso of a japanese (PAL) iso, convert it's country code to u.s. to play on my (NTSC) saturn, do I still need to use 60hz to play the game?

also, here's a rather dumb question that I never hear someone ask--If I cut out the protective rim of an official sega saturn game, and put a backup on top of that, do you think that'll work?

That's it for now. I'll try to contribute as much as I can to this forum and to SegaXtreme...

You don't usually need to match the frequency / TV standard that the game was made for. Some games, though, don't run 100% correctly due to optimizations for a specific standard (the PAL version of Guardian Heroes comes to mind). Also, Japan uses NTSC, not PAL; PAL is what's used in most of Europe, Australia, South America, and in general most places besides the USA, Canada, and Japan.

As for the "rim transplant" thing, I've heard rumors that some HK copy manufacturers bought games that bombed and/or defective pressings at rock-bottom prices and did just that, but AFAIK that's only a rumor. Attempts to do it yourself would most likely result in an unbalanced disc that may or may not work. That's not to say that I wouldn't be interested in the results of some experimentation though :). Just make sure you don't sacrifice any good games to do so...
also, slapping the ring on the bottom of the blank would result in the ring being way too close to the laser, and either scratching it or at least not allowing it to focus and read it correctly.
Okie dokie... here goes

Can't answer you're question specifically, but here is my situation:

Downloaded a copy of Radiant Silvergun

No AR cart, = converted to Euro (live in oz)

got me a AR cart

Performed 60hz switch, without doing the country mod


You can do the 60Hz mod without doing the country mod


playing PAL games full screen in 60Hz = Evil ;)

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