Durable CD/DVD media


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I'm sure a lot of us here use many CD-Rs and/or DVD-Rs for many purposes.

I'm also sure almost all of us would like such media to last a while.

The last few days I've noticed some ads, articles, and posts about media going bad quickly and new, professional strength media.

Here's a story on Slashdot about media going bad

Here's Imation's new product lineup that is supposed to be professional strength media that will last years instead of months

And here's some pages with info on TDK's Armor line

What's everybody's thought's on this?
Eh, I dunno, I generally use cheap media and I have discs that I burned 3-4 years ago that still read fine. I couldn't say if they're 'error-free' or not but I can get all the files off of them no problem. Actually, I think the burner and speed used is just as important as the media... but I don't expect any disc to last forever anyway. When burning CDs for use on consoles though, good media definitely seems to help with loading speeds and bootability though.
Yeah overall, my Fuji's last pretty well.

But I think I've had a couple get messed up (out of the 100s I've burned).

I think how you take care of them is a major thing. (The Imation link talks about this)