DVD Collection....

Hi people. Just wondering if anyone else has their dvd's up on DVD Profiler

well here's my list.

Nelsonpby's not so big DVD list
I don't use that thing you use, but here's my DVDs:

Back to the Future Trilogy (oh yeah!)

Star Wars Ep 1

Star Wars Ep 2


Gone in 60 Seconds

Monsters Inc.


To Kill A Mockingbird

My wife's DVDs (girly movies):


Princess Diaries

Ever After

The Bachelor
Here's my awesome collection:


-Ghost in the Shell

-The Terminator

Basically I only bought my DVD player to watch the Ranma episodes I download....I hate sitting behind the monitor watching stuff
Although I'm probably gonna be over at VGRebirth much more, I thought I'd give one last crazy attempt to finish something.


Chinese Odyssey 2002

The Storm Riders

A Man named Hero

The Legend of Zu

Fly me to Polaris

The Second Time Around

Fighting for Love

Marry a Rich man

Police Story 3

Dragons Inn

Summer Holliday

Moon Warriors

Needing You

Iron Monkey

Butterfly & Sword

Yi tian Tu long...

Dry wood, Feirce fire


Zhong Wu Yen

Double Tap

The longest night

Born to be King

The god of gamblers

Bullets Over Summer

Feel 100%

Salon Beauty

Shaolin Soccer

The Eye

Return from another world

Princess D

Tai Chi Master

Fong Sai Yuk 1

Drunken Master 2



Ect... ect...

And I give up. I guess I don't have what it takes to finish a complete listing of anything. Let alone recall them off the top of my head. How the good folks at VGRebirth took the time to list all those games is beside me! But I'm very impressed non the less
Not too many but here goes:


Ghost in the Shell


Macross Plus: The Movie

Macross Plus: The Series

Black Flag Live '84

Smashing Pumpkins: The Videos

Ring trilogy

I'm Alan Partridge Series 1

League of Gentlemen series' 1+2

Tool: Salival box set

The Wicker Man

Grosse Point Blank

The Straight Story

Perfect Blue

Blood: The Last Vampire

Night of the Living Dead

Evil Dead box set

Hmm. It actually looks bigger when you write it down somehow..
My small collection consists of:

LotR: Special Edition (4 disc)

Toy Story 1 & 2


Metropolis (anime)

Ghost in the Shell

Ninja Scroll

Stargate SG-1 Season 1 Boxset.
Originally posted by Myname@Jan. 31 2003, 2:51 am

Ring trilogy


Evil Dead box set

By "Ring Trilogy" do you mean the series of Japanese horror movies that the Hollywood movie "The Ring" copied? I thought there were only two, if that's what you mean...

Cool about the Evil Dead boxset.
I've only managed to scrounge some shoddy VHS releases of that...I guess I'll have to try harder.
Vanilla Sky (one of my favorite movies of all time)

Terminator 2



The Score

007 The World Is Not Enough

Enemy of the state

Me, Myself, & Irene (don't know why i bought this movie)


and if I ever get around to it the Matrix.

Now if you want to throw in VCD/SVCD/DVD-R then there are quite a few more
Here goes:

Being John Malkovich

Blade Runner

City of Lost Children, The

Dogma (Special Edition)

Eyes Wide Shut

Fight Club

Game, The


Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Meet Joe Black

Mummy, The


Princess Bride, The

Requiem for a Dream

Run Lola Run


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Total Recall (Limited Special Edition)

Young Frankenstein
Originally posted by Curtis@Jan. 31 2003, 12:59 am

By "Ring Trilogy" do you mean the series of Japanese horror movies that the Hollywood movie "The Ring" copied? I thought there were only two, if that's what you mean...

Yeah, those are the ones and there's three. Ring, Ring 2 and Ring 0..
Ring 0? Sounds interesting. A local theater just screened Ring 1 and 2 which I quite enjoyed. Is 0 any good?
If you found yourself drawn into the story in the first two, then you'll enjoy Ring 0. Without giving much away, it tells you a lot more about the origins of Sadako and the tape. Truly creepy films are rare things, but these definately fit the bill