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Ebay is so random.. I've had a 50/60hz Megadrive on there for the last day or two and just received a notice that it has been removed due to it infringing the intellectual property of a copyright owner. That seems fairly ridiculous considering it only allows you to play games full screen (and US imports), and there's always import adapters on there, as well as much worse stuff like emulator and rom CD's.

Fucking idiots
eBay is like that... for one it's random because they only act on user reports which are random by nature....but on the other hand they're scared shitless of lawsuits or whatever kind of complaints and would rather just yank that auction out instead. Stupid though, alright... you're right, a simple 50Hz/60Hz switch does not even warrant anything like this....

I betcha the seller was just as upset about this... it's happened to me once, I put up a Saturn with us/jap switch (admittedly more of a red flag than a 50Hz/60Hz switch) and BOOM, they killed it.

Had a somewhat lenghty email exchange about this with one of the eBay reps and they *shrug* were friendly but stubborn.

Consider it a nasty side effect of today's litiguous society.
Yeah, I sent them an email outlining the more illegal things that are easy to constantly buy on there.. The main fact is that a 50/60hz switch is for the video output, and the fact that it allows you to play US games could be considered a byproduct and nothing more.. If I was selling one with the cart slot filed off for Japanese games, that would be a little more understandable but still pretty harsh.
I want to sell porn dvds on ebay but you need to put them in the mature audience category which you cant find wth the search engine and cant do dutch auctions or use buy it now .

Needless to say I ran a legitamate ad and didnt sell anything then made one in the wrong forum and sold a bunch of them ...before they yanked my ad .

THeres a local distributor thats sells original content dirt cheap so i can make a few bucks per movie

any ideas ?
Here's their ill-informed and rather patronising response to my complaint:

We are sorry you were not aware of our policy on Chipped Games/Consoles.

It is against eBay policy to sell devices such as a Mod Chip. The

intended purpose for Japanese games is to be played on a Japanese game

console, which you can obtain and use legitimately in the US. The same

applies for the European versions of the system. The use of a Mod Chip

and or game enhancer bypasses a copyright security system in the

console. By bypassing this protection system the device is infringing

the copyrights of the content owner.

The polices in place are based upon information provided to eBay by the

IDSA (Interactive Digital Software Association) including such companies

as Sega, Sony (SCEA), Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and Hasbro interactive.

For further clarification on these policies we encourage you to contact

the companies directly.
Originally posted by Mr. Moustache@Jan. 23 2003, 10:27 am

Wouldn't that include the OFFICIAL Sega ST-Key too??

I'm sure the ST-Key manufacturer considers it as official as can be. It is, however, not a Sega item.
There's a decent chance you could sell it fine (I've sold switched stuff before), it just depends if some jumped-up goon decides to report you and get it removed.

For the record, after I emailed them again saying they were talking shit (not in those words obviously
), they merely sent me the exact same response as the previous one.. Nice to know you're talking to zombies.
We appreciate that you chose eBay to list the following item:

3308545095 Porn Dvd Sex Adventures in An@l land

3308545233 Porn Dvd Sex Cvm Vampres & 100 pop shots

3308545439 Porn Dvd Sex A$$ stuffers

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However, your listing contained adult material that is inappropriate for eBay's general categories. Because it is in violation of eBay's Mature Audiences guidelines, your listing has been ended early. All associated fees have been credited to your account.

This notice is based solely upon review of the aforementioned listing. We encourage you to review all of your listings to ensure full compliance to our guidelines. If found to be in violation of one or more of our guidelines, your current listings will be subject to further disciplinary action, including the cancelation of your listings.

In determining whether an item should be in eBay's Mature Audience section instead of one of our general categories, we consider the overall content of the listing, including pictures and text. For example, if an item description leads us to believe the content of the listing is adult in nature as defined by this policy, that item will be ended. Please note that blocking the "risque" parts of an image will not exempt the item from these standards.

Our Mature Audience policy also states, in part:

"'Adult' or 'sexually-oriented' material includes, but is not limited to:

Any visual representation of human genitals presented in such a manner as to suggest sexual activity.

Any visual representation of any form of sexual intercourse involving humans.

Any materials which require that individuals be eighteen (18) or older (depending on the jurisdiction) to view or purchase those materials.

Any materials clearly designed to sexually arouse the viewer/reader.

Any items which, because of their nature or because of the item description, appear to be designed for use in sexual/adult activity.

Any items which depict human sexual characteristics in a degrading fashion.

Any item that portrays frontal nudity will normally be treated as "adult" material, with limited exceptions (see 'Can material containing nudity ever be listed outside the adult area?')"

For your convenience, we have included a link to our Mature Audience policies:


For a better understanding of our listing guidelines and how they affect the way you list your items, please visit the following URL:


For information on infringing or illegal items, as well as information on other eBay listing guidelines, please view the following URL:


For more information on why eBay has ended an auction, please visit:


Future listings that demonstrate a pattern of violations may result in the termination of all of your listings, and repeated occurrences may jeopardize your eBay account status. We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship. To ensure this relationship, we must respectfully ask that you abide by our guidelines and User Agreement in the future.


We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)

how about sell something sort of related to porn and also put your porn in the mature section and when they look at your other auctions they will see crap listed as mature

or sell the stuff in a mature auction thing dont know what they are alled but i remember listening to howard stern once and they mentioned sexbay something like that but i think they got sued by ebay