FS: Softmodded v1.6 X-Box, 120gb HD, DuoGS Crom Included

I had an extra xbox laying around, so I figured someone else might be interested in it. Makes an awesome MediaCenter and emulation box.

Microsoft X-Box System (Softmodded)

$110.00 Shipped OR BEST OFFER

This Includes:
  • v1.6 X-Box Console
  • S-Type X-Box Controller
  • X-Box Brand AV Cable
  • X-Box Power Cable (Newer style with powe surge trip switch)
  • Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition X-Box Game
  • CD-Rom with the system's EEPROM (for convience)
  • DuoX GS Cromwell Edition Modchip (lose, see below for details)
  • System has been soft-modded to allow you to play backups and run homebrew media centers / emulators / applications.

This system was repaired. The previous owner had installed the included modchip and then removed it, when they did they used a soldering iron that was much too powerful and damaged the D0 point (now fixed). I redid the LPC Rebuild for convience and left the headers in tact in the case you want to use the included Modchip (you would just need to put it on the header and attach the two wires). The previous owner sold this item to me because a game had over written his dash and he was unable to get in to replace it, for this reason I can't guarentee that the EEPROM hasn't been banned on X-Box Live. The system is softmodded with the latest NDure installer and uses a new, fairly stable X-Box Media Center (June 25th 2007 Svn Rev9424) build as its Dash and includes the latest MC360 skin. This system has an ATA133 cable installed so loading should be a bit faster than stock setups. The DVD drive is a Samsung SDG-605F, but it doesn't appear to read discs, please keep that in mind with the price/purchase. The system includes several emulators installed and roms to test: Genesis, NES, SNES, N64, Mame, Final Burn, Intellivision, 2600, etc. If you purchase this item, when you first receive it, you will need to set the time and then restart it, its just this way since the unit has been unplugged for a time.

This plays games (from the HD), movies, music and more perfectly! Get it as a gift, use it as a media center, as a gaming hub. Don't miss out!

Payment / Shipping / Terms

I will accept PayPal from verified PayPal users with verified Shipping Addresses (I will only ship to a verified Address). Shipping will be via UPS and a tracking number will be sent to you when the item is shipped. I will ship to the lower 48 USA only. I am willing to possibly trade along with cash for a Nintendo Wii.



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If you are interested or have questions, please don't hesitate to PM me or ask here! Don't like the price? Make me a reasonable offer! I look forward to giving this system a great home!