FS: LOTS of Video Game Goods. Check it Out!

Well, I've just bought a house and am saving up for all kinds of expenses, so I figured it was time to clean out the closet of stuff I don't plan to use anytime soon. Below is my sell list. Here are a few quick notes about buying from me:

  • Payment is to be made from a verified PayPal account with a verified shipping address (both!).
  • I will ship to the US only.
  • I am an honest seller with a variety of references from many different popular forums (including here).
  • Once payment has been confirmed/cleared I will ship your item via USPS Priority Mail or UPS and provide a tracking number.
  • If you are interested in an item, send me a PM!
  • Feel free to bargain with me, especially if you are planning to get multiple items.
  • I prefer cash, but I will consider certain trades. For example, I am after an X-Box (1) System.

Nintendo DS Case / Shell (Platinum)

$23.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

This Includes:
  • Nintendo DS (Fat) Case
  • (Broken) Top Screen
  • Buttons (Start,Select,A,B,X,Y,L,R)
  • Great to replace your damaged case! Has various scratches, but is in B+ condition.

Lethal Enforcers for Sega CD (New w/Gun)

$31.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

This Lot Includes:
  • New Konami Lethal Enforcers Boxed Kit (includes Gun, instructions, and Sega CD game)
  • Great condition, excellent addition to a Sega CD collection!

Sega 32X System w/ Virtua Fighters

$35.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

This Lot Includes:
  • Boxed Sega 32X System
  • Includes Virtua Fighter 32X as a pack in game (see sticker on box)
  • All original documentation, Power Cable, A/V Cable
  • THIS IS MISSING THE SYSTEM LINK CABLE (goes between the genesis and the 32X), can't seem to find it.

Sega Dreamcast System

$40.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

This Lot Includes:
  • Sega Dreamcast System
  • 1 Sega Dreamcast Controller
  • Power Cord
  • A/V Cable

Nintendo Gameboy Advance System

$35.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER.

This Lot Includes:
  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance console
  • Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga Cart


Make me an Offer

I'll have pictures, prices, and details up for these later. In the meantime if you are interested in these, PM me and I'll send you a picture.

  • Street Fighter II Championship Edition Jamma Arcade Board
  • P.O.W. Jamma Arcade Board
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom CPS II A Arcade Board
  • X-Men: Children of the Atom CPS II A Arcade Board
  • Mortal Kombat Jamma Arcade Board (Includes Soundboard, Marquee, and cables)
  • Vendetta (3 Player) Jamma Arcade Board
  • LOTS of Genesis/32X Carts, just PM me what you are after, its likely I have it
  • Sega Nomad System w/Battery Pack (maybe, depends on offers)
  • Sega Genesis Model 2 System (System Only)
  • Sega Saturn Model 2 (Missing case screws, but works,System Only)
  • TONS of arcade parts, older boards, joysticks, buttons, etc.

(I'll be adding more shortly, check back often!!)

Thanks for looking!
I know you state that you will ship to US only but will you make an exception for Canada if say we pay full shipping cost? Or let a verified Canadian paypal customer buy from you if you ship to a US address which would be then unverified (the address, as it would be different from my credit card address etc) id be willing to pay insurance on top of that or delivery confirmation if you are worred i would try and scam you?
Hi Amon :>,

I trust you. If you can suggest a good way to ship the item to Canada and pay for the extra shipping / insurance, I would be willing to give it a try. The last time I tried to ship something to Canada, I had a ton of trouble. UPS just wouldn't do it, had to deal with all these weird brokerage things. If you can suggest an easy, safe way to do it (for both of us), I would be willing to give it a try.

Thanks for your interest!
The easiest way I found to ship to Canada from the states is simply USPS. UPS charges and arm and a leg to ship to canada, and then charges a fee to the reciever as well. With USPS once the packages hit the border Canada post takes a while to ship things to the final destination. I once did a trade and it took 5 days for my package to arrive in the states and over a month to arrive here and they were shipped on the same day.
In that case then, I will ship to Canada, as long as the buyers don't mind paying a bit extra for shipping and waiting a bit longer for it to get there :), thanks for the insight Amon, PM me and let me know what you're after.
FYI sometimes packages will get held up in customs, and research USPS's new poloicies, they all changed as of May 14th. I don't know how they handle insurance anymore. Usually packages I've sent or received from Canada take a while longer but will arrive at their destination with no problems through USPS and Canada Post. :)