I will certainly do what I can to help. You didn't mention how well-versed you are in emulator programming (or programming in general) or the GG architecture, so forgive me if the info in this post is boring/useless to you :). Also, I have to ask (just out of curiosity; there are surely plenty of appropriate reasons): why do you want to write a GG emu in the face of the superlative warm fuzziness that is Meka?

Since I'm at the keyboard now I'll see what I can dig up...

/me reaches into his Magic Bag of Relevant Links and pulls out...

Marat Fayzullin's Computer Emulation Resources Page - of particular interest should be the Emulator-Writing HOWTO and the Z80 emulation core.

S8-Dev's Technical Documentation Page - probably the best overall source of information on the Master System / Game Gear architecture.

That's all for now... :).

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because i have gg and lots of games.i just love game gear and want more emu for that run,and i love saturn too so what the hey.
uhm.. have you ever programmed an emu before?

the saturn isn't exactly easy to program for, so without some good experience in that area, you'd be better off writing an emu for PC.
Some people I know, and on some web sites, I have heard you need to be quite good at C++ or basic code. I figure such is true, but if so, anyone know of a good site or book to read up on how to program? Their are some emulation type things I would like to try myself, but realy have no know how when it comes to programming languages.
it seems that i will write an gg emu for pc. must get my dev cart to work again. baaaaaaaaaahhhhhh were can i find these nowww!!