error messages...

when i try downloading games from ppl it basically always says error messages but the download continues. does this mean that the game wont work on the saturn or that the game will still work even with error messages that come up during the d/l. error msg's always come up.
Are you downloading from ftps? https? aim? irc? give us more info. Also where exactly does it give you the error? After it downloads? during the download? at a specific point in the d/l?
on a ftp, it says the errors during the download but the download continues. the game i was downloading was metal slug(jap) version, after it finished i extracted all the files then converted the iso to north america and burned the cue file. i put the game in my saturn, and it loaded the application but after it says the sega brand logo the screen goes black.?????
Ummm could you copy and paste the log from the ftp? and have you tried it with a ram cart in? i seem to recall it wanting a 4MB ram card in.
i am almost poistive that i need to convert the iso image to a bin file. how do i do that. i downloaded cdmage but i cant load it threw there for some reason. is there another program good for converting iso to bin?
dammit, i missed Scared Rabbit's post about needing the expansion cart. well i will just forget about that then. i dont have the expansion cart, the only thing i have is the american performance memory card plus.
Actually its a 1MB game

Anyways, a cd image doesn't have to be in BIN+CUE format... this is the best one, but it isn't the only.
i downloaded radiant silvergun and extracted the files using WinRar and then used satconv to convert the iso to North American code. i have the reccomended bet version of cdmage to use but dont know how the works. cdrwin wont burn anything unless its in BIN format. can i using another program to just burn the iso image or should i first find a way to convert the iso to bin. if it must be convert from iso to bin can someone enlighten me on how that works? thanks
lol, and you insist in the bin format

I'll explain you...

CDRWin burns cds based on cuesheets, these describe the layout of a cd, most of the time, you'll get either one of 2 main kinds of rips, or in BIN+CUE format, where you patch the BIN on satconv, and load up the CUE in cdrwin and burn (loading the BIN directly "doesn't" work for sega cd / saturn games...), OR you can get games in ISO+MP3 or ISO+WAV format.

For these you have to make a cuesheet for them, either by yourself or using SegaCueMaker For ISO+WAV OR SegaCueMaker For ISO+MP3

Just create a temporary folder, unpack those rars to it.

You should end up with a folder with an ISO file and a bunch of MP3/WAV files, just copy the correct segacuemaker to that folder, and run it. A DOS box will appear asking you for a name. just name it correctly.. (the name of the game for example
). After that a cuesheet will appear in that folder, patch the ISO with SatConv, and finally load up the cuesheet in CDRwin. (In record disc section)

Hope this helps...

PS. Sometimes burning the BIN file directly may work, BUT DONT DO IT!

BIN files are like a COMPLETE copy of a cd, with all its tracks store in the same file, thus what the cuesheet does is to adress tracks in the BIN file, like "telling" to the cd recording software, where in the BIN file track2 starts and ends... of course describes ALL the cd layout...

Conclusion, a BIN without a CUE is useless!!! ... unless... the original cd from where the rip was made only has 1 track, which will make the BIN equal to an ISO file... but this DOES NOT happens with Sega CD/Saturn CDs as they all have more than 1 track...
when i downloaded the game original i put it in a file titled RADIANT SILVERGUN(no caps), there are no wav/mp3 files in it. there are just rar files and one image file(just to load the pic cover). i extracted the files in winrar and it converted to iso. so now i have a folder within the radiant silvergun folder that contains ISO cd image of the game. the file size is 163, 392 KB's, in think its the game file. i both cuesheets. which cuesheet should i use, and should i put the cuesheet in the folder with the ISO image file or all the RAR files that i extracted. after i put the cuesheet in the right folder, do i just drag the files into the cuesheet? sorry for all the questions.
you're are missing the audiotracks.

that 163392kb file should be the datatrack, you'll need to get the audiotracks... then with that set of mp3's (or wavs) you'll be able to use one of the segacuemakers and burn the game..