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What is your absolute #1 Favorite Saturn Game, limit posting only 1 favorite, please. For me it is probably NiGHTS: into Dreams
This is an hard one...

... why not Radiant Silvergun? ... just to be different... hehe

I really love that game, but my favorite is Shining Force III, and all its 3 scenarios, plus the Premium Disc...
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@Dec. 05 2002, 5:45 pm


Definetly my fav as well. SFZ2 is (in my opinion) better than Zero 3.

I mean Z3 does have a much more balanced Custom Combo system (which is scary), and a better super system (I DETEST the 3 button for lv3 super thing in Z2)... um and a larger character roster... and faster loading times...

Still, I love Z2 because it has some of the best backgrounds in the SF series, a wonderful soundtrack and... I don't know... there's just something about the characters in Z2 that make them seem to have a lot of personality. With Z3, none really seemed to stand out. Everyone's personality was really flat and boring.

Z2's characters seem more vivid because of the fight order! Vega isn't always the last character for everyone. It makes sense that Sakura fights Ryu last, not Vega. What would Sakura have to do with stopping an evil overlord? She just wants her Ryu!


Er....It's a tie between Shining Force 3 and Shining the Holy Ark.

But if I REALLY have to choose - then Shining Force 3 would win by about 1/2 a point.
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I think it was while nobody was looking. :

he may have a personal forum for his own...

and has posted 8 million times in there, that's why we haven't seen them
Uh... I can't really decide between these five:

Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter Remix

Virtua Fighter 2

Virtua Fighter Kids

Fighters Megamix.

I'd probably have to go with Fighters Megamix. VF3+FV, plus a whole bunch o' characters
To all those that want VF3 on Saturn, you got it in Megamix (minus Taka Arashi of course)!

Out-of-this-world graphics. Innovation oozing from every corner. Fun and adrenaline. Never boring. Brilliant orchestral soundtrack. Exciting and epic story.

Not to mention the little ship that could
Since, so far I've only played 4 games:

  1. Radiant Silvergun
  2. BlastWind
  3. Shining Force III (Never actually played, cuz i always have to turn it off, once they start talking in the beginning)
  4. X-Men - Children of the Atom
I'd have to say Radiant Silvergun, cuz it's different from the usually shooters out there, where you get the upgrades, and bombs, and when you about to die, you bomb the guys to survive.