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I might have missed a couple (sorry)... so, just think of your fav, and why... go for it.

sorry guys, I have no idea why the top 3 or 4 choices got smushed together... crap.. sorry man. I thought this would be a good poll.

That's actually better because for me there's really no deciding between the first 4. I love them all equally.

err... maybe I should have picked Sonic Jam then. Oh well.
Sonic 2 (Genesis) stick out in my mind.

It was my first console game and it was awesome for it's time and still holds up today.

The levels and bosses were cool and the bonus rounds were breathtaking back then -- they still seem cool now.

Somehow it just had a better feel than 3. Kinda like Street Fighter Alpha 2 vs 3
I remember when I first played sonic on genesis... man I thought it was the best thing since cheese.. man that was a sweet game, I love em all from the first to sonic advance 2...... man... those games rules.....

I like Sonic 2 the best. Not sure why it just seems more fun then the others. Sonic 3 locked on with Sonic and Knuckles is a close second though.
Sonic Cd has to be the best... the anime sequences just kicked ass and the sound track was awesome. I remember carrying sonic cd and earth worm jim for sega cd around with me to school just to listen to there sound tracks. they kicked major patootey dootey. Along with those super difficult f-ing special stages (the one that had a hot pink to purple tint to it sticks out the most). I remember beggin my dad repeatedly for a sega cd just for that game alone. behind cd though would be 1 it is the game that began me on my sega fandomship. before that i was just a gamer not a hard core gamer.

oh the memories, prepubescent sanctuary of staring into the tv addicted to such awesome games like sonic, kid chameleon, earth worm jim, and lunar. the games that are just engraved into my head.
Originally posted by jeff-20@Jul 14, 2003 @ 06:48 PM

what the "Sonic Crackers" for the Genesis? ... is it a hack?

it's kind of a beta of "Sonic 4" seems like it has some of the concepts of Knuckles Chaotix (Tails is attached to Sonic) -- it's pretty buggy
wow sonic crackers, now I have heard everything.. wow.. sorry I also forgot to include knuckle's chaotix..... my bad.. thats a funky game.
Maybe Sonic CD because it has his own design and good bonus levels.

Also I'm not a fan of Sonic I'm sure I'm the only one here
I never bought Sonic games, only tried them.
I've never bought any Sonic games either and I've had a genny ever since Sonic 2 first came out.

Well, I did buy Sonic Adventure, though, used.

I like Sonic 2 the most just because it's the one that I've been exposed to the most out of all of the Sonic titles.
My 2 cents on sonic...

In my opinion the best sonic game ever is sonic 3 combined with sonic & knuckles.

i think sonic cd licks nuts, sure the animated sequences are a nice touch as with the cd audio and funky looking title screen, but in terms of level design and gameplay it is inferior to every other sonic game but the original.

i really think it sucks. i find myself just trying to progress right as much as i can ignoring everything just to get out of some of the ridiculous stages.

perhaps sonic 3d on saturn and megadrive should of been separate aswell. there are quite alot of notable differences between the games (except of course the level design) the most notable being the special stages. on megadrive it is totally pathetic but on saturn you get the wonderously incredible sonic 2 style stage coded by sonic team especially for the saturn version.

about sonic crackers the gameplay style is identical to chaotix but there are differences to note if you experiment. Some of the levels you can load up seem to be some kind of world map or something which i gather would be used for changing levels mario style. nothing like that was used in chaotix as far as i know and the main thing being that sonic and tails arent in that game either.

Elements that could support the chaotix beta idea would be that sonic crackers contains several variations of the level select music in chaotix.

it seems more likely to me that sonic crackers was being developed as another sonic game for megadrive but probably canned to focus on saturn. chaotix could have been adapted from the engine they had created so far.