Fear Factory is no more!

This is sad, no more heavy as fear factory music in games! dammit! if any of you have played carmageddon you'll know what I mean. A sad day in music and video games alike..


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Maybe now we can have some original music in games, instead of nu-metal shite. But I doubt it.

The cover of Gary Numan's 'Cars' they did on Test Drive 6 was cool though.


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I want to see some bands like In Flames, Nightwish, Power Symphony make some fucking game cameos... Be kind of nice to have some MELODY in video games again. :


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Yeah, sometimes the developers can pick out popular music that fits the game, but I prefer to hear some brilliant original stuff like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Zeppelin would be cool to hear more.

Ah, so they're not a bunch of crazy upstart kids ruining music? I guess you're not that old, then. :biggrin:

Kinda got me thinking about that music festival episode of The Simpsons... "Thank you! And remember, don't trust anyone over 30! And now, Peter Frampton!"


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I don't like games having songs from bands and such...games must have original tunes.You know the times where you reckognized games by their tunes? °_°