firewire in a pc


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Alright well i just got me a sony digital video cameara. It kicks a porportinately large amount of ass and then i look at the output... firewire. Damn... damn damn damn hell fuck damn. So i went out and bought me a firewire pci card along with some very expensive video editing software. the whole kit and cabodle cost about 800 dollars. but a good 1/4 of that was the firewire card, cable, and pinicle studio software. So i was just wondering, why don't more mobo's have firewire as a commodity? Why must you pay so much extra for a firewire card? it's just annoying. It could also be easily avoided.
meh yeah i guess. Oh here's a qestion. I just installed my firewire pci card... but windows isn't detcting new hardware... what should i do? I can't install the drivers till windows relaizes there's hardware that needs to be driven. IS there like a manual way to detect hardware in the pc?
so you have the digital camera plugged in are are waiting for the computer to find it? with usb you usually need to do it the other way around, install the software for the camera first, then plug in the device afterwards. try that (or is the problem with the firewire card?)
Ah, did you try pulling the card out then pluging it back in (makeing sure it's fully seated)? or do you have another pc you can try it in to see if it's a problem with the card?

edit: and if your running win xp/2k then you would problaby need to log in as admin (witch i'm sure you don't do every time you login to the pc, a big no-no)