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NOTE: The following was posted by me on the SEGA/TELNET gaming forum out on ezBoard... man ezBoard sucks... and that's the cause the the headnote...

But anyway, it was in response to a request for some reccomendations.

Alright, lemme start with this:

I just finished writing a reply at great length recommending several anime and noting characteristics of each, it was quite possibly one of the most well thought out posts I've ever made... then when I clicked Add Reply I got a white page that told me that a field was missing, I hit back and my post was replaced with an ominous sterile white box. I hate you ezBoard, with every fiber of my being I now recognize you as the bane of my existence... :damn:

I'll now attempt to recreate that post.

I'd like to recommend a few of my faves but bear in mind that there are several trends that I favor and some of these you may find to be biased as such.

First of all I'll start by saying Yoshitaka Amano is one of my all time favorite artists. Maybe this is subliminally borne into me by the library of Final Fantasy games that I've played but none the less I've had the grand opportunity to purchase a few of his artbooks and despite their relative high price I've never regretted it. That being said the anime which feature characters of his creation are not only very interesting but really beautiful to watch.

Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Tenchi no Tomago, and Amon Saga.

Second I have a strong fascination with android/cyborg females. Nothing weird or kinky or even remotely sexual, I just find it interesting subject matter. One of my favorite in this category is Battle Angel (Gunnm in Japan) which I belive is a masterful series that died in only two episodes due to relatively low ratings and response in Japan. Also recommended is the Armitage series of movies (Armitage III Poly-Matrix being far superior to the more recent Armitage Dual Matrix), and to a lesser extent Ghost in the Shell.

For an excellent movie staged in a feudal Japanese motif there is the indispensable Ninja Scroll and of course the modern Studio Ghibli classic Princess Mononoke.

Then of course the ever common but breathtaking Evangelion which I do detract from only because of the endless mass of people (non-Japanese naturally) who like it simply to like it without a real appreciation of the innately Japanese social connotations within.

And for comedy there is the Irresponsible Captain Tylor who some may find dated (80's) and, because of a tendency to be too straight forward and/or unlikely, won't laugh out loud but none the less there is a very undeniable charm to the series and it is most definitely worth your while. Then there is the fantastic and frantic Excel Saga which only the most seasoned fans of anime (notice I refrain from using the too oft misinterpreted phrase "Otaku") will really appreciate. But don't let that count anyone out, it's enjoyable on several levels and despite your background with anime and Japanese culture I guarantee that you'll find yourself repeatedly pausing this one so you can laugh freely without having to miss a minute of this non-stop jewel.

So there you have it, 'a letter opener'. (MST3K quote)

Was I helpful to you? (Ikaruga quote)

Alright, I'm done. Sorry, I'm in a really weird and worn-out mood and it's kinda late and my stomach hasn't been agreeing with me since lunch. Bleh...


P.S.: I'm also sorry that this didn't turn out as good the second time around... I guess I was trying too hard to make it like my first attempt that it didn't flow as naturally (especially when I got to the Captain Tylor part). Ahhh well...

P.S.S.: Rereading it I think I left out a part about Katsuhiro Otomo's other compilation works like Memories... Screw it, it's too late and my stomach hurts.

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