Found font now what?

Ok so I found my font in the game using naga. I can get the English part to line up but the Japanese stuff appears to be at a wierd width so I can't line it up. Anyway I assume that now I can do a relative search or can I actually make a table and start looking for the text? If someone knows the next stage or a way I can get the font to fit in naga that would be great. Thanks.
Probably would be best to make the table first. Then you can find the text, and dump at the same time.

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I've tried all the combinations that I can with naga. The problem is the width of the cells is weird. Naga only allows an 8 or 16 width. But the characters are somewhere inbetween that. I don't know how to do that. Even if I did get them lined up how do I make a table from that?
I'll give it a shot thanks. I still don't understand how finding the font lets me make a table. I thought you needed to do a relative search and go from there? Maybe I just don't know what you need to make the table file.
Well, it just makes it super easy to make one since you know the exact order each character comes.

Say for instance you have something like this showing in your font:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 A B C D E F G, etc.

Unless you have over 255 characters in your font, it should be 1 byte. So you would create your table as such:












etc, etc.

Then when your finished your table, load it up in a program like thingy, load up the file you think the text is in, and you should be able to easy find the game's text. That's why it's important. Realitive searching is a pain especially if you don't know how exactly the text is stored.

Read one of the many good docs at or if any of this didn't make sense.

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Ok I'm making my table. My next question is what do I do with these Japanese letters? Does thingy recognize japanese characters in a table? Do I just use the Japanenglish sort of representation like yu, zo and such? If so then does thingy recognize something like F2 = yu? Stuff like that.

I also have some letters that I just can't figure out what they are. I'm trying to find more sites with the Japanese alphabets. I found a few but some just don't have the letters I'm looking for. Oh well, I'll keep you posted. Thanks for all the help CyberWarriorX it's really keeping me going.
In the sense of displaying jap characters? No. What I had to do until I found the text in Langrisser III was this(just an example):






Why the extra |'s you may ask? I just did it so I could easily see the breaks between characters. It just makes it easily for when you look through files, etc. So to answer your question, yes, thingy does allow multiple characters to represent the specified byte.

They could very well be kanji characters too. If that's the case, It's a bit more of a pain to add them to your table, though not impossible. 'If' they are, you'll either have to find someone who can read kanji, and to help you out, or you'll have to learn the art of stroke-counting.

I hope that helps.

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OK I think I have my table made. I figured out the pattern the letters were going in and it all fell into place.

Now I have three more questions. There are 3 tiles before recognizable characters start with an exclamation point. Should I include three blank spots and start with "03 = !" or just start with "00 = !"? Also after the japanese font is done there are two spaces and then a bunch of messed up stuff. I don't know what any of it is. It does look like some kind of font though just really messed up. Any idea what that could be? The last question (for now) is that there are lots of tiles that are just one big box all shaded blue. They come up most of the time between the end of numbers and start of letters and inbetween English and Japanese and Hiragana and Katakana sections. How would I enter those in the table, or do I just leave blank spaces or something? Thanks again.
Ok took me long enough to find a good place to upload the screen shots. Now we get to see how much html I remember. Well lets see how many tries this takes.

I don't know what the heck I'm doing wrong I'll try to figure it out and get back to you.




Thanks for the help, but I was just using the wrong directory. I don't know why it wasn't working but it is now.

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just do this but take out the spaces before and after '<' and '>':

or the ez board way (again, take out the spaces):

[ img ][ /img ]

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Now that the screenshots show up you can see all that extra junk after the Japanese font. I don't know if that is some other character set that they use or what. If you have any ideas let me know.

The next step, I assume, is to start loading files up in thingy with my table and see if they look like they have text in them. That seems like it will be hard to figure out. Considering I don't know Japanese or anything. But, I suppose it will look pretty obvious with all the letters being grouped together and all. Thanks again for all the help.
It almost looks like it's supposed to be 1bpp and not 2bpp. You might also have to adjust the size in tilemod.

I kind of figured at first they would've conformed to the shift-jis, jis, etc. standard(which would have made it alot easier), but it looks like you'll just have to continue on your table.

As far as searching, look for common, yet simple words.

If you were following my examples earlier, you would look for something like |a||na||ta|, etc. Or strings of text ending with a "?', "!". ",", or ".".

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The "junk" after the Japanese font is kanji. It is part of the Japanese font. Kanji are more difficult to work with hirigana and katakana, because their meaning can vary depending of the context, and you'll have to look them up individually.

On the other hand, it's cool that it has both upper case and lower case english alphabets; it means that you won't have to hack in the english font, making your job easier.
So basically I have a long way to go on my table then. Also what about those blue boxes? Do I just leave those spots in the table blank? I'm sort of guessing that those are like end lines or something like that.

I'm off to find some sites on Kanji.
I dunno about the blue boxes, it's been a while since I did any hacking.

I think you'd skip over them in the table.





It could also be that you need to make more than one table... Show those pictures to people at RPGd or They'd know better than me.

Too bad there's no iso playing saturn emulator. It'd be nice to test things out without wasting CD-Rs.
While it may not appear that there is a saturn emulator with iso support, you can still install daemon tools and make the virtual cdrom your first drive(and load your iso's that way). That's how i've been doing testing.

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