FS: 28 factory sealed USA SEGA master system games


relisted. can be resold for over 1500$ i guess



Miracle Warriors 2x

Shooting Gallery - 2x (seal on one almost fallen apart)

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

Parlour Games

Blade Eagle 3D 2x

Missile Defense 3D 3x

Fantasy Zone 2 - 3x

Maze Hunter 3D 4x

Rambo III - 4x, one is sunfaded

Astro Warrior 2x

Aztec Adventure (damaged)

Zaxxon 3D

Space Harrier 3D

Global Defense

The BIN price is high, but i offer FREE shipping worldwide. And also i am accepting all offers.

also i have a sealed snes robotrek for sale. a really case fresh copy.


Staff member
Nice collection, but 2000USD? Well that works out to 71US per copy. Sealed SMS games from ebay stores go from anywhere between 20US-25US per game. So it seems a bit high of a price to me and the fact you do not accept paypal payments... Anyways best of luck finding a buyer.
yep that's a high price. But finding so many sealed sms games at once is nearly impossible. Not to mention the shipping saving.

However price is not set in stone. I can sell for MUCH cheaper. Just make me an offer.

and where is the admin btw? i have an account here since 2002, but the pass does not work anymore. i pm'ed admin a week ago and no reply yet.