FS - Saturn Modchip (20 or 21 pin I THINK!)

OK, don't flame me if I don't know what Im talking about, since I'm not sure what I have. Anyway, I bought this awhile ago, I was told it was for both 20 and 21 pin saturns, and have seen pictures of a similar chip in which you have to swap the connectors to the other side. I've never installed it in anything or messed with it, but the ribbon that is in the pictures has been cut down to 20 pins (not by me).. Anyways, heres the pictures..






I'd like to get $20 + shipping for it
I'm interested... Check your PM.
If its being cut down to 20 pins how does it work on a 21pin saturn? Very cool if these modbords work on a 20 pin how many do you have for sale?
This is the only one I have, and I've never messed with nor tried to use it in anything. The ribbon is the only thing that has been cut down to 20.. so if you have a 21 pin ribbon, it could be used in a 21 pin saturn. But like I said, I know nothing about these, just what I've read and what I've been told. If you search this forum there is a thread of a guy who was going to be selling them, and the pictures of the chips are similar to what I have, where you have to swap the connectors... so that is what I am going on.
Interesting. I actually have a chip here that looks 99.9% similar to that one. All the way down to the markings on the board. Only difference is mine is 1 wire, not 2. I actually have a couple of them, one is in my saturn, and works beautifully,(21 pin) and the other one in front of me is my backup just in case. I've had them for a couple of years, and they work beautifully, so at the very least it's a reliable chip. I can't comment on the 20 pin functionality though. I do have a 20-pin saturn unmodded sitting here, so if I find the time tonight or tomorrow maybe i'll mod it and see if it works.

I actually bought them a couple years ago along with a bunch of other stuff from Iceman2k, so maybe he can give a little more info about the chip.
Looks just like my 20 pin mod chip. But I'm sure mine only has 1 wire as well.
Wish I knew what the wires were for.. I'm going to assume the thicker of the two (the black one) is the power, but the blue one I'm at a loss for.
Sorry yo, VertigoXX took that off my hands, dont know how much luck he had with it though, said he was having a problem getting the solder off the board to move the connectors to the other side. Good luck finding one though, they show up every blue moon or so.
Heh... Gave up, for now. I'll get back to it some time later. For now, I've got other things to prioritize. I'll worry about it when I've got extra cash again to spend some money creating an auto powered desoldering tool. (One with a vaccum on it rather than one of those baby ear cleaner things.)