FS: Various Sega Items

Hey all,

I'm selling some Sega stuff:

1. Boxed 32x with 3 bare cart 32x games (Space Harrier, Star Wars Arcade, Metalhead). The 32x has all the instructions and some of the baggies but the box is a little beat-up. It has all the connectors that came with it. Asking for $30.00 shipped

2. Shadowrun for Genesis - Complete with the box, cart and instructions in very good shape and is tested to work. Asking for $20.00 shipped

3. Megaman 8 10th anniversary for Sega Saturn - Complete with case, manual and cd. Cd is in good shape with very light scratches. Game plays great. Asking for $25.00 shipped

I will have more items later up for sale. Sorry no shipping to outside of USA. Paypal through bank accounts only unless you want to use credit card and pay extra for the paypal fees for credit card usage.

Only serious buyers only, I will not hold the item for you. Best offer will get item. You must pay first then I will send. If you have doubts about me as a seller the people on Neo-geo forum will vouch for me as I have a good reputation there. I also have an ebay account with no negatives: DSLIM.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or email me at davidsunglim@yahoo.com


Son of a hoe! Items went before I saw 'em

$30 for a 32x with 3 games is a great deal too...and I need one :(


now pity me and send me one for free
hahaa.... well i've been trying to sell the 32x for about 2 months and nobody was snagging so i sold it in a package just so i can get rid of it....

Anyways I have some more stuff to sell:

Sega Genesis:

1. Rocket KNight Adventures (no manual)

2. Tecmo Super NBA Basketball (no manual, rental)

3. Fighting Masters

4. Ms.Pacman

5. The Humans (no manual)

6. Sonic 2

Take all genesis carts for $22.00

Neo Geo Home Cart (AES)

1. Magician Lord (bare cart only) USA

2. 8-man (bare cart only) USA

3. Soccer Brawl USA (gamer condition)

4. Samurai Spirits JAP (very good)

5. Crossed Swords USA (gamer's condition)

6. Fatal Fury Special USA (gamer's condition and no manual)

Buy all neo geo carts for $150.00 and i'll throw in Riding hero (USA bare cart) for free.

Sega Master System Games:

1. After burner (no manual)

2. Transbot (cart only)

3. Time Soldiers (no manual)

4. Alex Kidd in Hi-tech World (no Manual)

5. Altered Beast (no manual)

6. Alien Syndrome (bare cart)

7. HangOn/Safari Hunt (bare cart)

8. Global Defense (bare cart)

9. Wonder Boy in Monster Land (bare cart)

10. Great Football (bare Cart)

Take all sega master system games for $30.00


1. Lufia (bare cart)$15.00

2. Super Gameboy (Import) (bare cart)$15.00

3. Nobunga's Ambition: Lord of Darkness (bare cart)$10.00

4. Liberty or Death (bare cart)$10.00

5. Bootleg Undercover Cops SuperFamicom game with Box - $7.00

6. Bootleg Slamdunk Superfamicom game with box - $7.00

Or take it all for $55.00

Playstation 1:

1. Monster Rancher Battle Card Ep. II - $5.00

2. Klonoa (CD ONLY, gamer's condition) - $25.00

3. Tactics Ogre (gamer's Condition)- $35.00

4. Namco Museum Vol. 3 (cd only) - $6.00

5. Namco Museum Vol.2 - $20.00

Take em all for $75.00

I take paypal (from bank accounts, extra if credit card) and money order only. I will not hold anything for anyone, so dun ask. I'd rather sell in package deals than individual games cause its a hassle....