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i know that the success of segaxtreme rests a lot on ftp client users to access great sega cd and saturn games, but i was just wondering what all of you guys use. I was using flashfxp but i stopped after my cracked version became obsolete and wan to know what all you use. And tell me what your usual connection speeds are and if you can get a crack for it. (not you personally, but if a crack can be obtained) . Just your opinions and a little help for me.
I use SmartFTP. It's a great FTP client, and it's 100% free. You don't need a crack for it. It's a good program with an easy to use interface. I'd suggest it to anyone.
My personal favorite FTP program is "Bulletproof FTP", it seams to work more often and get better connection speeds then any other FTP program I have used. The problem with it though is that you have to manualy remove it from the regestry once a month otherwise it doesn't work (It can detect crack patches).
I used to love bulletproof until all of that spyware anti-crack stuff just killed it for me.. I'd pay for it if I trusted it (and I dont, the registered versions crash just like the cracks from what I've heard).. I had all kinds of ASCII/BINARY issues, resumed downloads getting corrupted, queue files magically dissappearing.. blah

I like smartftp.. It's a little inflexible in its queue management though..

Personally, I use FlashFXP all the time now, and love it.. Easy to use, easy to manage queues, plus it can do FXP's (duh).. Comes in handy as #### for a meager dial-upper like myself (I just flash stuff to one of my cable/dsl enabled buds)

As far as speeds... I really dont think any one client is any faster than any other, thats more of a server thing.. I mean if a cable server is capped at 20k, no client in the world is going to work any faster..

I think if you see a difference in the KB/S it probably has more to do with the way its being calculated (avg of entire download, random samples from timeslices of various sizes, etc) I mean if a server sends bursts of data so its going FAST-nothing-FAST-nothing, and one client displays the kb/s during the FAST part and the other displays an average of the whole thing, the first looks faster, even though they're both the same..
I use SmartFTP also freeware. It´s nice.

Before I used BulletProof but I de-installed it after it detectet that it was cracked...

Why should I pay for bullet proof when there are other good freeware FTP´s outside.

PD, Freeware RULEZ!!

I´m connectet at DSL speed

768kBit downstream for me

and 128kBit upstream for me

128kbit up it´s a bit poor

I would like 400kBit downstream

and also 400 kBit upstream
so i'm leaning toward smart ftp. What are you smart ftp users getting when you download from ralos. I ask because that's all i usually download from.
Your no noobie, Gallstaff, eeeerrrrr......you know, like me. But smart ftp is very easy to use. And it's free...!!! What could be better? I have a suckey 56k and with it I get no more, normally, the 2.8 -3.2 kbps for upload speeds. Havent done any downloading yet so can't comment on that. But, especially for newer users, smart ftp rocks....until your ready to move to a more comprehensive program.
JCTango uses LeapFTP. He had problems running it in Windows2k (sometimes downloaded files would be greater than the original source files and thus would be riddled with errors) but so far he has had no problems using it in WinXP ;) JCTango has been watching too many Seinfeld shows.