Funny Ebay Auctions

Here are some funny auctions I found on Ebay.

An Atari convertor for Genesis. Play atari games on you genesis!

You think you're buying an Xbox game, but read carefully! He'll email you some codes off the net... "free shipping"

And the next one is just plain sick

A homo-erotic shooter for the Genesis for $160!
Originally posted by Funkstar De Luxe@Feb 21, 2003 @ 01:15 PM

That third one gives me the creeps.

It did me too until I got the the part about the Riesen and the can of half eaten mints. Some people are just weird. He probably saw other "haunted" stuff on eBay and decided to goof 'em a little.

But that "atari" auction is worse than the one I posted about Sonic being Mario... okay, not that bad, but damn close
that haunted thing has to be fake - did you read the line about haveing a baby with his sister and the baby got ill and he means ill like the way black people mean it

and that infra red thing is bull -- that ink can be seen with infra red - probably india ink from a standard ball point pen

that fuckin atari one --- man what an ass it fuckin says sega right on it -- either its his way of making fun of the master system or hes got to be a real old person - or he lives in a forest with out a tv
What scares me more than that suicide-thingie auction is the people who come up with this shit... AND the people who bid on it, too. I can't believe that this auction wasn't pulled by eBay after being up for six days... it's fucking sick, and it makes ME sick.
You think Ebay auctions are stupid? I thrift shop a lot for old computer and video game gear. I can't tell you how many times I see the AOL free trial cd's for sale for 0.99. We are not talking about old versions (3.0 and back) that collectors who like to surf the net on a 1980's computer (for a fun project) look for. I'm talking the latest versions they give away for free everywhere.
I'm tempted to email that guy that's selling the Cheeto, and giving him hell for being such a fucking moronic ass, and putting up these gay as hell, not funny at all auctions. I'm tempted to flame him to hell....

Excuse the language (I usually don't talk like that) but this has just crossed the line. I'm getting FUCKING SICK AND TIRED OF THESE PEOPLE!