G..o..i..n..g i..s..a..n..e

ok I am doing the swap trick sense I dont have some mod chip anyway I dont know what model saturn I have to model number on mine is Mk-8000 if I could find some pics of saturn consoles i could point mine out easily anyway I follow the instructions to a T and it freezes at the sega logo screen I wish there was some boot cd that would make it easier
i have no idea what model your saturn is...what shape are the power and reset buttons...oval? or circular? oval buttons mean model 1 saturns and circular is model 2 (however, there are some saturn's that are model 1 but have model 2 casing)
Also, are you doing a double swap or a single swap? Double swap is generally the preferred method, as it results in correct handling of CD audio and may prevent some in-game lockup problems. If you're getting the problem with the double swap, it probably means that you're doing the first swap correctly, but the second swap too late. If it's with a single swap, you're probably doing the swap too late, but I'm not an expert on the single swap. It's also possible that this results from a bad burn, but I think the late swap is more likely.
Please tell us what model you have so we can help. I only do the double swap. (In breaif) Boot with Cdr, switch before logo assembles, saturn reads outside of real, goes to middle again, moves slightly out then swap in cdr. Saturn goes to black screen and boots cdr. You be happy :)
I think its a model one but I am not sure it was the store model when i got the last saturn they had it has umm not round more of sideways elipse buttons and a light with access under it
Yeah, that's a model 1. I can't really help you cause mine is a model 2 and the instructions gave are for a model 2. sorry.
the instructions for the model 2 worked like a charm just not with my first game the second game i burned panzer dragon saga worked like a #### charm