Game Creation Software

Hey guys.... i just wanna know if you know of any good game creation software...

something not too complicated please =)

I want to design a PC Card game not unlike Magic Online, but for Overpower.

Thanks a bundle! =)
=( Me thinks i'm just way overboard... dunno if i can do it. JAVA too, is beyond me. :( hehe =) Just want SOMEONE to make an OVERPOWER GAME!!!!!

Thinking of using gamemaker 4.1 though.
Coding itself really isn't all that hard. The hard part is really understanding the thing you want to code. Some people might not find it hard to code, but it would still take a substantial amount of effort to learn Overpower and map out all the possibilities and procedures that need to be handled...

As for Game-Maker, is that company still around? I've got an old (3.x I think) Game-Maker CD around here somewhere... unless they've seriously revamped it, my fuzzy memory of it suggests that you'd have a bit of difficulty doing a card game with it...

Klick & Play for Schools is the only one

for free in there. For the better ones you

have to pay...or get a demo.
that;s only good for action games. I'm designing a Card Game... thanks for the input though. KNP doesn't allow me to assign rules for the game. that's why i can't use it.
tiny little update... i'm using Game-Maker to make the game now... seems to be coming along smoothly... might even implement a Multiplayer option to the thing too! :)

I even have someone helping me out with the scripting...

Only problem is: I NEED MORE MARVEL OVERPOWER CARD SCANS!!!! (mostly the heros, universe cards, teamwork cards, and specials!!!!)