Game disc unreadable error, yet I patched

Hey All.

I just recently got a saturn, and i backed up a game i had, and swapped no problem. I also was sent Sonic R from a friend,it was pre-patched to Usa/Canada,was an iso/mp3, I burned it no problem, worked fine in the saturn.

Now I've tried burning Virtua Cop 2, and Virtua Fighter 2, neither with any luck, got 9 coasters beside me. I have been told that both games work fine, and i got them in iso/mp3 format.

Both games been patched to USA/Canada (by myself), and i use a model 1 saturn with swap. I get game disc is unreadable in this system, or something along those lines. Been trying for so long to get this working.

I am starting to think that there is something wrong with the satconv.... I been using the win32 one mostly, and tried the dos one a couple of times, no luck...

Also with Virtua Cop 2, i made sure it was checked to clear all the other codes, because it originally had more than 1 code.. Please let me know what could be the problem, and any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you
Hmm...that's an odd one. The "game disc" error means that the CD is recognised as a Saturn game, but is patched to the wrong country. Are you sure it says "game disc" and not just "disc unsuitable"? If it is the latter, then you are doing something wrong with the burn.

Satconv works 100% with all games - it should be working fine for you.
Curtis, I had plenty of problems with Virtua Cop 2 as well. The bitch always said it copied fine and all after burning, but either loaded up on the 'cd music' screen or just refused to. In the end i figured it was the 30k music tracks that stuffed things up, so i burned the game as a 'cd from image file' in Easy CD Pro. No music, but works great.

Hope it helps.
Am 100% sure bout GAME disc...I made sure i came on hear and read up what it means... I will try the virtua cop 2 iso thing, hope it works
Thanks for the help guys..
Originally posted by Curtis@Aug. 25 2002, 9:18 pm

Satconv works 100% with all games - it should be working fine for you.

Agreed. I've used it countless times and have never had it fail. It must be something else.

I just tried ripping and changing the country codes of both VF2 and VC2. Both converted OK.

While I didn't reburn them, I can't see why they wouldn't work.
Try burning them again. Cuz i changed the country code on em, and it converted fine, but It didn't work when burned. Now I burned Virtua Cop 2, withoput the audio, just loaded the image up and burned, worked no problem.. Now any ideas how can i get the audio in? I am going to burn Virtua Fighter 2 without the audio, see if it works.
Can you explain to us what software you are using to burn and how you are burning the tracks?
Heh, glad to hear it worked out Protosstic (kinda)

As for me, i never had the patience/motivation (whats the difference?) to keep experimenting with the game. If you get any results, be sure to let me know.

And as for the Virtua Fighter 2 without audio...don't have it so can't help ya out. But good luck!
hmm my saturn is kinda strange, does things like that all the time. my fix = use an action replay. boots every game all the time if I just skip through the cart menu. half my games won't boot without it (reguardless of country code)
Yes I can explain what software i am using. I have tried Nero Burning Rom (my preference) using a cuesheet made with Sega Cue Maker, in DAO mode. TAO won't burn for some reason, just says TAO cannot be the written method with the medium. CDRWIN 3.9a with Sega Cue Maker Cue sheet, DAO of course... Fireburner Sega Cue Maker Cue Sheet, and manually copying all the tracks over in the correct order, burned in DAO 16.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.
Guys here is an update. All of the games i have gotten in ISO/MP3 Format, That i have had to PATCH with the Country Convertor, always bring up the Game Disc is unreadable in this system Error. I got one game that was iso/mp3, but it was already patched to my area, therefore i didn't patch it, and it Worked no problem. Must be something strange going on here. I am totally wacked bout this. Street Fighter Collection, is another one i tried patching, and just got the game disc is unreadable in this system error. I've put all the games into isobuster, and they show up just like a normal game does, so this makes NO SENSE to me...

Please guys, if you have any comments/suggestions/ideas, I would be grateful. Getting sick of this, and i do not really want to have to buy an action replay, or a 4-5 in 1 card.

Thank you

Hi all...

Similar prob to Protosstic...

So does 'disc unsuitable' mean the burn is bad??

Most of mine are in bin/cue format, with a few nrg....

I've only burnt 2 so far..Are Saturn cdrs supposed to be readable by the pc?? Cos mine aren't ???
dough, if yours aren't then that is the problem, bad burns. Also there is a HUGE Difference between Disc is unreadable by this system, and GAME Disc is unreadable by this system.

Disc is Unreadable By This System primarily means that the saturn does not identify it as a saturn game, which usually means a bad burn, or very scratched, something unreadable.

Game Disc is unreadable by this system means that the system identifies it as a Saturn game, but the country code of the cd does not agree with the Saturn. For instance, You have a game with a country code of J (Japan), but your Saturn is U (USA CANADA).

The Problem with me is that the burned cd and the saturn system both have the same country code, but it still is saying Game Disc is Unreadable by this System..

All help is appreciated
If you run it again does either version of Satconv show that the patch has 'stuck'?

That is, when you double check, are they still set to U?
Yep, Still set to U... Tried it a few times just to make sure... I been using the windows one mostly, any problems with that that you guys know of?
Now for the one question I've been hesitating to ask...

Are you sure you have a US Saturn?

Beyond that I have absolutely no idea as to what could be wrong. ???

Oh yeah, I only ever use the DOS version.
Yes, I must have a USA Saturn, because all of my Original games i have are the USA versions, so it must be a USA Saturn. And the one game that I did get in ISO/MP3 format, that was pre patched to the country code (U) works on the system.. Now what do you mean country modded, and what switch?

Anyways Once again this is freaking me out.