Game Doctor

I just got a boxed Doctor I/O (that is the interface without the CD drive). Does anyone have this system?

If so, here are my questions.

Can you run large roms from the CD? As oppossed to the swapping of disks with other systems... or are you limited by the memory card?

My system has a 16M card (which I cant seem to remove)... so I assume I am limited to 16M games. but it has a 5 point bank swith. Five lights which I assume represent memory banks. What is that all about?

Also, is this device of any use without the CD drive. Can roms be run off the card in the abscense of a drive. That is, it this like a FLASH device? Can games be saved on these cards?

Finally, are there any FAQs or other resources for the genesis version of this device?
cd drive? as far as I am aware, there is no genesis backup unit with a cd drive at all.

the size you can run is completely limited by the size of the ram/ram cart.

if it's the unit I am thinking of:

it's not flash, but battery backed up ram, so when the battery is empty, the cart loses the data.

you can't load data to it without the main unit (expensive) or a special PC cable (extremely rare)
I will take a pic. but I saw the CD unit. it was supposed to have interfaces for SNES and PC Engine as well as Mega Drive.

I assumed it was a menu driven thing. with a single speed drive. i wish i took a pic of the cD part. I will show you the box for mine as well.

Here is the pic of the device I found. It has a "phone" cable on the side which connects to a cd-rom.

that's the normal MGD2 dram cart for genny.

the MGD2 is a floppy based machine, not cdrom. the "phone" style connector at the side is the printer port cable connector for direct uploading of the data, without the mgd2 unit.

see here:


the main unit is this:


and the manual here:

that had helped me a lot in using my unit, however, the printer port cables are very rare by now.
awww. no fair! I can't see any of the pictures!

I the unit doesn't seem to have any other I/O other than what I had described as a phone line.

So, How is this item used? does the cable connect to this drive unit? I was shown a single speed CD drive by 2 different people in Hong Kong who said that it would interface with this unit. Maybe they were mistaken. or I misunderstood. But it was a CD.

I don't know what this could be used for. Is it such as a flash cart? Can a game already be saved on the ram card?