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I haven't picked up a magizine in about 3 years. Due to the internet and I just don't have time to play all the new games and consoles. I'm more into emulation. My favorite was EGM but then it started to get smaller which really got me sad. Gamepro was ok in '93 but it really sucks. All it was good for was the art. Next Generation had high quality paper. If anyone still reads them have they gotten worse or back to the glory days?
I like to read EGM, Their game reviews are just about right on (Exept for the disapointing sonic adventure 2 review). They even give you alot of info on news in stuff. I never read gamepro or anything. I had EGM for 5 years now! :D
i used to subscibe to nintendo power because i was a faithful nintendo fan. i dont know why but i just did not like game pro that much (this was back in 94). i felt like it was geared too much toward sega consoles. same goes for egm. then i turned to non-gaming magazines. now i refer to and reviews, probably because i dont play all that much pc games, since like 96. the very last games i bought for pc were phantasmagoria and gabriel knight 2. ####, got sidetracked again x_x
PSM (PlayStation Magazine) is my fav magazine. This is my fourth year subcribed to 'em EGM is probably the one I pick up the most at the magazine rack though.
All I can say is stay away from GamePro. With horrible reviews ranging from one paragraph to half a page. But this might just be spite due to the fact Dragon Warrior 7 didn't make above a 2.5 on anything due to the graphics. - "This games looks like it was drawn by a retarded three year old."
I hate gamepro, they gave one of the most awsome games a shitty review. That game was Xenogears, they made that game look like shit...
Well.... I played the Xenogears Demo (that came with THE GREATEST GAME, outside of FF of course, Parasite Eve), and I bought the full game about a year after. I gotta agree with them at how slow the game moves though.
Gamefan was my all time favorite. I still remember that cover with Guardian Heroes on it. =) That issue was the reason I got the game. The were the only mag that took pride in their work imo. I read Game Players a few times for laughs but that was about it. I started reading Next Generation after Game Fan folded.
My fav is Gamers Republic, but I pick up EGM from stands much more often then it. Im not sure why but I can't seam to find GR mags anymore, did they go bankrupt or somthing?
Just a few days ago I was looking for GR's site but it is gone.

Turn away. They are all worse or just as bad. Only read for what's new but not what's hot. Trust your own review before theirs.

Nintendo Power was a great mag to help establish an empire through 7- 10 year olds and probably still is. I recently looked through one and thought there were too many ads. I was also disappointed there were no comics but that was part of the reason I stopped subscribing.

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