Game Problems

I have a us-saturn and 3 pal-games ( Discworld, Discworld 2 and Blam Machinehead). I've created an bin+cue and patched the country-code. Then I burned the game at speed 4, but it doesnt work. I've also tried Iso+wav, but nothing goes on. I use the swap-trick with my saturn and all my other games work fine!

!!!Please help me!!!
Try using a converter cart (e.g., ST-Key or Action Replay 4M Plus) on the 3 (original?) PAL games, or to make the swap easier on the backups.
this isnt like psx swapping neotrunks

the country code is seperate to the copy protection

either as masterakumamatata said, use a cart, or fit country switches, or use satconv from the misc section