Game Saves collect project

Heh, I guess people aren't interested. Or are lazy to transfer their saves. It would be good if you could post the ones you have on your own? Maybe that could get the ball rolling.
thanks ReyVGM ! i will try to get my games saves but most of them are on official saturn memory card.
thanks ReyVGM ! i will try to get my games saves but most of them are on official saturn memory card.

I plan to make something in order to dump saves from memory cart (not soon, but that's in my TODO list), so please keep your cartridges in a safe place until that moment :)
Oh! You're the same Cafe-Alpha referenced here?

"When I imported cafealpha2's datel cart, it included almost 300 saves."

I've been waiting for weeks for assemblergames to approve my forum account so I could ask that person if he had those 300 saves. But if you're the same guy, and you have all those saves, then I guess I can wait for you to post them.

That's me :)
(The "2" at the end of my nick there is because of troubles when I registered to assemblergames forums)

Sorry, but there aren't 300 saves in this dump. Only 20 saves or so.
The remaining is due to the fact I overdumped this cartridge, and consequently generated "mirror" saves.

yes same cafe-alpha :) only VIP persons here :)


Great. I assume he still has all of those game saves :p

I do. Cartridges should be still hidden in a cardboard here.
BTW, I need to redump theses cartridges, because I mistook about sizes and forgot to dump lower half of official memory carts.
I dumped Shining Force 3 Scenario 1 saves by gosub :
20160112_gosub_sf3sc1_t.jpg (direct link)

All characters are boosted to "Soulmate" state, and one save is done before fighting final boss in order to continue leveling up while the second save is done after defeating the final boss, so that it can be used to start Scenario 2.
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Here are some saves that I've done:

Albert Odyssey
Keio Flying Squadron 2
Mystaria / Blazing Heroes
Sonic R
Virtua Fighter Kids

They are all at either the last level, last boss, or everything unlocked.

Some are Internalbackup.bin files which can be used on both SSF and Yabause, and some are standalone saves that work with SSF if you enable the "Hook Backup Memory", or if you use a converter/inserter, you can import it to an Internalbackup file and it should work with Yabause too.
Thank you for sharing your saves !
Can I use them in my Save Game Manager application ?
This will allow you to import your Saves to Saturn (both emulators and real hardware).
Save data were made with SSF ? This reminds me that I still need to add SSF save format support ^^;
Yes of course. I'm posting them so anyone can use them, all my saves are completely free to use on whatever you need. I want to contribute everything I can to build a gamesave archive.

Well, what SSF does if you enable that option is that instead of saving all games to one InternalBackupRAM.bin, it saves each game in its own individual file with the actual internal name the game makes the saves in. Technically it needs no conversion, you only need to import the save into an internal or external backupram.bin. I use SS_Backup_RAM_Parser to do that.


So if you want to add support, all you need is a way to import or export individual saves from internal/external backups.
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