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Pseudo Saturn Kai v6.541 comes with lots of new save files, here are some notable additions:
  • Assault Suit Leynos 2 - Everything unlocked [SAVES\DELTA7890\LEYNOS2_DAT.BUP]
  • Burning Rangers - All survivors' mail unlocked [SAVES\BO_BAYLES\B_RANGERS__.BUP]
  • Iron Storm - All 52 scenarios playable [SAVES\RYANC]
  • Metal Slug (patched version) - Super Devil unlocked [SAVES\PRIVATEYE\METALSLUG__.BUP]
  • Shadows of the Tusk - All 40 cards unlocked [SAVES\DAN_RETROSPECTORS\TUSK_BACKUP.BUP]
  • Tokimeki Memorial: Forever With You - PSYTH and TwinBee Time Attack unlocked [SAVES\FALLEN92]
Here is a list of my save files; expanded descriptions are available in SAVES\PRIVATEYE\_README.TXT
Battle Garegga [NTSC-J | B_GAREGGA__.BUP]
Clean save file with Super Play unlocked, all stages playable in Score Attack mode, and the following settings applied:
* Easy Menu Mode - Changes the menu language to English
* Guest Players - Unlocks four characters from Mahou Daisakusen for use in Arcade and Score Attack modes

Clean save file with Free Play option unlocked which grants unlimited continues.

Bulk Slash [NTSC-J | BUL_SLA__01.BUP]
Clean save file with all Navigators unlocked and maxed out at Level 3, and all Visual Bonus artwork viewable.

Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro [NTSC-J | CLOCK__DATA.BUP]
Complete save file with all movies, mini-games, and the best title screen unlocked.

Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams [NTSC-J | COTTON2_DAT.BUP]
Clean save file with bonus options and Training Mode unlocked.

Cotton Boomerang: Magical Night Dreams [NTSC-J | COTTONBMDAT.BUP]
Clean save file with bonus options and Training Mode unlocked.

Dead or Alive [NTSC-J | DOA_SS_FILE.BUP]
Clean save file with all costumes unlocked and all bonus options available in the Extra Config menu.

Death Crimson [NTSC-J | DEATH_CRIMS.BUP]
Clean save file with Stage 3 and the final boss unlocked.

Elevator Action Returns [NTSC-J | ELEVATOR_AC.BUP]
Clean save file with original arcade version of Elevator Action playable via "OLD" in the main menu, and the following settings applied:
* Record - On -> Saves high-scores and settings to the Saturn's internal memory
* Violence Mode - Hard -> Blood sometimes gets splattered on the walls when killing enemies
* Players 1 and 2 set to the most logical control scheme for the Saturn pad (A:Shoot, B:Jump, C:Sub-weapon)

Fighting Vipers [NTSC-J | FVIPER_MAST.BUP]
Complete save file with with all characters, portraits*, Honey/Candy secrets, and full Options Plus menu unlocked.
* Except for the elusive 5th portrait of Tokio: Welcome to Gaming Hell - Where Zoanthropes Go to Die

Groove on Fight [NTSC-J | GROOVE_ON_F.BUP]
Clean save file with all bonus characters (Damian, Bristol, and Bristol-D) playable in Arcade and Versus modes, and all artwork unlocked in the Omake menu.

Guardian Heroes [NTSC-U | GUARDIAN_HE.BUP]
Clean save file with all 45 characters playable in Versus mode, and the following options unlocked:
* Enemy Level Disp - Shows the levels of enemies above their health bars
* Next Exp Disp - Shows the amount of experience points required for players to level up above their health bars

Clean save file with Free Play option unlocked which grants unlimited continues in both Arcade and Saturn modes.

Keio Flying Squadron 2 [PAL | KEIO2______.BUP]
All hints and illustrations in the Extra menu unlocked, and Continue option takes you to the start of Chapter 5-1.

Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 [NTSC-J | METALSLUG__.BUP]
Combat School cleared with the maximum score of 1000 points to attain "Super Devil" rank, allowing Survival mode to be played with new colours (green skin for Marco, purple skin for Tarma) and an ultra-powerful pistol that shoots explosive shells! :D

Ninpen Manmaru [NTSC-J | NINPEN_M_01.BUP]
Save file which takes you to the start of Stages 5 and 6 (save slots two and one, respectively).

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei [NTSC-U | PANDRA_ZWEI.BUP]
Clean save file with Pandra's Box unlocked, including the hidden "8th" and "Special" episodes.

Policenauts [NTSC-J | POLICENAUTS folder]
POLICENA_01.BUP - Start of Act 1 (Disc 2)
POLICENA_02.BUP - Start of Act 2 (Disc 2)
POLICENA_03.BUP - Start of Act 3 (Disc 3)
POLICENA_04.BUP - Start of Act 4 (Disc 3)
POLICENA_05.BUP - Start of Act 5 (Disc 3)
POLICENA_06.BUP - Start of Act 6 (Disc 3)
POLICENA_07.BUP - Start of Act 7 (Disc 3)
POLICENA_08.BUP - Epilogue and Credits (Disc 1)
POLICENA_09.BUP - Select the CD rack to listen to various songs (Disc 2)
POLICENA_10.BUP - Option to touch Meryl unlocked (Disc 2)
POLICE_END1.BUP* - Standard theme will play during the credits
POLICE_END2.BUP* - Alternate theme will play during the credits
POLICE_END3.BUP* - Extra dialogue will play during the credits; wait for about 100 seconds for it to kick in.

* Game cleared; bonus videos unlocked on disc 1 and all of the shooting scenes are playable from their respective discs.

Puyo Puyo Sun [NTSC-J | PUYO_SUN_01.BUP]
Clean save file with 18/20 pictures unlocked. After setting the Saturn's internal clock to 24th October and 24th November to unlock the last two pictures, the "New Unlockable" message appeared but they don't appear in the gallery :(

Game cleared; toggle for (ugly) zoom feature unlocked and disabled by default.

Radiant Silvergun [NTSC-J | RADIANT_S_G.BUP]
Clean save file with all settings in Option+ menu unlocked. These are:
* Stage Select - Can be used with Arcade and Saturn modes
* Game Speed - Adjustable from 1 to 8, the latter being the default value
* Look HitArea - View hitboxes of player and enemy projectiles, player ship, and enemies
* Player Speed - Adjustable from 50% to 200%

Sakura Wars [NTSC-J | SAKURA___01.BUP]
Game cleared with Sakura's Ending and the following features unlocked in Long Day mode:
* All girls' mini-games are playable by visiting their respective rooms and selecting the top option.
* All girls' fullscreen pictures are viewable by visiting their respective rooms and selecting the middle option.
* Advanced Quiz is playable in Ayame's Room.
* Koi Koi Wars mini-game is playable in the Salon and option to select your opponent is unlocked.
* Sakura's Ending is viewable in the 2nd Floor Seating on disc 2.
* Both sets of photos from the Gift Shop are viewable in the Terrace.

Saturn Bomberman [NTSC-U | BOMBERSS_01.BUP]
Game cleared; load the "Normal Game" save file to face the final boss Dr. Mechado.

Saturn Bomberman Fight!! [NTSC-J | SBOMBERMANF.BUP]
Clean save file with character Deral unlocked in all game modes and Decisive Battle map unlocked in Battle Mode.

Sega Ages: After Burner II [NTSC-J | AB2SCORE_01.BUP]
Clean save file with secret options unlocked, accessible by pressing either shoulder button in the Options menu. These are:
* Trace - Record -> Playthroughs can be recorded
* Trace Load - Load a replay from backup memory cartridge
* Trace Save - Save a replay of the previous playthrough to backup memory cartridge
* BGM Mode - With Melody -> Some music tracks have additional melodies
* Sight - Wide -> Easier to lock-on to enemies

This save file also unlocks additional music tracks in the Music Test.

Sega Ages: Fantasy Zone [NTSC-J | FANTASYZONE.BUP]
Clean save file with all settings in the Secret Options menu unlocked. These are:
* Music Title - CORRECT and Game Mode is USA -> Song title in stage 2 is corrected from "KEEP ON THE BEST" to "KEEP ON THE BEAT"
* Bottom Line - Enabled -> Bottom HUD elements are moved to the *very* bottom of the screen
* Continue - Enabled -> Allows you to continue when all of your lives are lost
* Inflation - Enabled -> Parts no longer increase in price after purchasing them
* Shot Power - No Decrease -> Laser Beam, Wide Beam, and 7-Way Shot no longer have a time limit
* Auto Rapid - Set the number of shots per second for rapid fire

Sega Ages: OutRun [NTSC-J | OUTRUN___01.BUP]
Clean save file with the the hidden, game-changing 60fps Smooth mode unlocked and enabled by default.

Sega Ages Memorial Selection Vol. 1 [NTSC-J | SA_MEMSEL01.BUP]
Clean save file with the following options unlocked:
* Game Mode - Adds C-Type which rotates the screen 90 degrees but keeps the d-pad controls as-is, so it's not very useful unless you want to play a game with rotated visuals
* Game Level - Adjust the difficulty level
* Life - Adjust the number of lives
* Credit - Allows credits to be added by pressing either shoulder button

Sega Ages Memorial Selection Vol. 2 [NTSC-J | SA_MEMSEL02.BUP]
Clean save file with the following settings added to the Game Mode option:
* Arcade-A - Rotates the screen 90 degrees but keeps the d-pad controls as-is, so it's not very useful unless you want to play a game with rotated visuals
* Arcade-B - Rotates the screen 90 degrees and adjusts the d-pad controls relative to a rotated display (i.e. TATE mode)

Shining the Holy Ark [NTSC-U | HOLY_ARK_99.BUP]
Unlocks the following features in other save files on internal and cartridge memory:
* Sound Test - Play BGM/SFX and temporarily change the music for the current location (A/C button -> Tactics -> Customize -> Right shoulder button)
* Swap Arthur out of the main party and into the reserve team (A/C button -> Tactics -> Reserve team)
* Set Arthur to carry out actions automatically in battle (A/C button -> Tactics -> Commands)

To make a save file that inherits these features, simply create a new save file or update an existing one. After that, "Extras" can be deleted.

Sonic Jam [NTSC-U | SONICJAM_01.BUP]
All missions in Sonic World completed and Sonic Jam credits unlocked.

Steamgear Mash [NTSC-J | SG_MASH_001.BUP]
Save file which takes you to the end of Stage 6. Leave the room and walk downwards into the arrow to encounter the final boss.

Steep Slope Sliders [NTSC-U | STEEP_SL_99.BUP]
All courses, characters, and Steep Slope Shooters mini-game unlocked.

Save file which takes you as close as possible to the titular final boss.

Thunder Force Gold Pack 2 [NTSC-J | TF_GP2___01.BUP]
Clean save file with the Styx fighter from Thunder Force III unlocked. To play as Styx, select your stage order and then hold X+Y+Start until gameplay begins.

Thunder Force V [NTSC-J | T_FORCEV_00.BUP]
Clean save file with Master difficulty and Free continue option unlocked, the latter granting unlimited continues.

Virtua Fighter 2 [NTSC-U | VFIGHTER2_X.BUP]
Clean save file with Options+ menu unlocked.

Yumimi Mix Remix [NTSC-J | GA_YUMIMI_R.BUP]
Save file which takes you to all of the endings and the credits.
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