GameCube Impressions

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I got my bundle on launch day and my first impressions was how small everything is! I knew the stuff was small from the pics, but it's even smaller in person. The discs are tiny!

Luigi is very nice. The level of detail is amazing, from the physics, the lighting, shadows, the door sequences, animation, I could go on and on. The control really does take some getting use to though.

Super Monkey Ball is a great action puzzle game. Of course, since you only use the analog stick in the main game, it's incredibly easy to pick up and play. I finished the Beginner levels and I'm working on the Expert. Some of the later Expert levels are really hard. Then I still have the 50 Advance levels. I also unlocked Monkey Billiards, which is a very nice game of nine-ball.

At first, I wasn't exactly thrilled about Wave Race. The water looks incredible, but it didn't seem like the control was as well implemented as in the original. But after I did the tutorial, practicing stunts, etc and playing for a good hour, the fun of the original came back and the game became worth the purchase. Out of the 3 games I have, this is really the only one with load times.

And I got a free copy of the book 'Game Over' which I always wanted to read. Just getting that was worth the extra 2 day wait. It was also good to see that interest in the GC is high. I got to the store 10 minutes before it opened and there was 5 people in front of me already. I asked the clerk how well the GC was selling and he said they got a lot of pre-orders. I asked the same thing about the x-box. He said it wasn't bad, but not as much. He said the launch day for the x-box was nothing like this (referring to the line).

And now from news reports this week, seems like the initial GC shipment has sold out. Nintendo is even increasing the amount of units out by the end of the year by 200,000.

Everything I have been hearing here and on boards that is not from obviously biased sony or M4 fans suggest the cube is a real hot commodity this year.
Today I went to electronic Botique to get som Dreamcast games, and guess who was working thier, two increadyably biassed M$ fans. They tried to argue that, mainly at least, the xbox was the only good next gen system. They said that the GC had lousy sound, the colors were all crappy and pastel like, and even though the xbox controller was crappy, a 3rd party was creating a replica of the GC's controler to work on the XBox system. After arguing their points for a while they tried to bring out rumors to battle my arguments for not just Nintendo, but Sony as well. I said that I preffered RPG's over most other games, and that the PS2 had ones I was looking forward to such as FFX and Xenosaga. Their first reaction was to say that the PS2 was a wast of time, and that FFX was comming over to the XBox, they said the same about Xenosaga.

I think im getting off topic, so ill justy say that in the end their argument didn't stand up well against mine. And so, two more biased fans are vanquashed :)
Fabrizo: geez, sounds like they're getting commissions for moving XBox units or something. Some people have no shame...
lol Xenosaga and FFX have already come out for PS2 in japan
do what i do...i got to my local Software ETC.(Babbages) and i say hey when are you getting in the latest shipment of saturn games...they say we dont like saturn it sucks...then i bring up all the cool saturn games and they shut up and give me free t-shirts...:)
I used to have a couple of game related shirts, mainly EA games from when I worked at Software Connection, a local hardware and software retailer.

I don't have any at the moment... maybe we should throw together some nifty NX shirts?
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