GameGear Games?

aight thanx

i live in a suburb of chicago illionois

i think that one of the toys r us around me is going out of bisniss so maybe i can get some good prices on GG stuff

and i just remembered there is another toys r us next to me its really close to me and its big i can problaby find something there
best bet i think is ebay i bought gg ames there a bunch of times never spending more than 3$ a game

if your patinet and wait for people to stop bidding you can get some good deals (good for you not he seller )

also any store around here including toys r us that have gg games all have the same ones aladin lionking donald duck battle tank and sonic spinball
Ames is also out of business. Phar Mor is too, now. Is Hill's still around, or was that a local (to me) deal? Eh. Still, you can buy absurdly overprised classic carts at Walmart (not all of them) and K-Mart. They usually have them in the games/electronics section in plastic form-packs, color coded for each system. NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Gear, and Game Boy. Mind you, these may not be the best games (THEY HAD DEADLY TOWERS AND KARATE KID FOR NES), but it's worth a look if there aren't any used game stores around you. Oh, I also suggest trying Flashback Video Games out. When I lived in Lorain, I used to hang out at the brick-and-mortar store. The owner's a real cool guy. The last time I was inthe store, he had lots of Gamegear and 3DO stuff.
I also live in PA and about 2 weeks ago i saw GG games in Ames too. They were mostly sonic games, and i think i saw a couple different sports games. They even sell a new GG for like 30 bucks. I didnt really look much cause i dont care for sports games, and i had most of the sonic games downloaded.
AMES is a good bet, i was there today and they have pleanty of games, also ebay is a sure thing,
Originally posted by Ratamahatta@Feb. 16 2002, 10:51 pm

You're both looking for SF:SOH? I always see it up on ebay but some retards always jack up the price (they do this to discourage actual buyers)

Having sold my copy for about $40 on ebay, I can say that no, I didn't jack up the price. The game had 500+ page views in 2 days and it was a serious bidding war (although incrementally).

It's probably best you check out for games, they tend to go for less there.