GameGear Problem

Alright I got a problem >_<

I let my cousin who was ill borrow my GameGear for a few hours... I'd never normally do that, but I'm a real sucker when she gets blabby....

Anyway I learnt the hard way not to let a 14 year old girl who knows nothing about computers touch them >_< She left it on top of a cable TV box... persumably the magnets or something in there screwed it up cause the screen is knackered >_<

Well it works... it still displays stuff, but it's dark... as if it's been inverted to the darkest possible colours >_<

Umm.... help?
Did you try messing with the brightness dial?
Sounds like the screen has been totally buggered. I had a monitor that had been sitting beside a magnet for a long time and it totally darkened teh screen and eventually it fried it. You're best bet is to just pick up a new gamegear, and judging if your case is better than the one that you buy, just transfer all the innards of the gamegear to the case that you already have.
I can look around in my stockpile of games and see if I can find one for you. Getting rid of most of my equipment anyways.