Games designed to use a Sega Genesis Mouse

Heya folks... Long time no see...

I recently came across and purchased a Mega Mouse because I have AD&D:Eye of The Beholder for my Sega CD. Anyway, it's absolutely fabulous to have an actual mouse to run that one and I don't know how I managed to play it without one.

So, having said that, I'm wondering if anybody knows what other games are out there in the big wide world for Genesis and Sega CD that support the Mega Mouse. Back in the days of my youth (har har
) I never actually even came across a Mega Mouse in any of the stores I had been in, and so I never bothered to look at any of the games to see if they used one.

Any thoughts? ???
sum game for genny.......wacky worlds or sumthin like that. My little bro got it when he was a little kid. I hated hor it cuz he could of got MK1 but he didn't. I LOVE him for it now cuz it came with a mouse
Ah, okay, thanks for the info. Guess it was like some other peripherals that were only ever really released to stay current with the competition back then (e.g the menacer gun, the virtual boy thing for nintendo, etc.) and not really supported much.
Ugh, I bought a Menacer at the time. Apart from their being no games, you practically had to build an extension to house the thing.
Alright, i actually have a sega mouse too, i've played rise of the dragon with it, and snatcher. Those games work great with it, as i would imagine any of the point and click sega cd adventure games would...
This is interesting... From the sounds of things, then, some games support the use of the mouse (especially if the actions in the game involve selecting menus) but to actually find out which games you can use it with you've got to go with the time-honoured process of trial-and-error.

Except for the paint game and AD&D I didn't really think that there were any, and I haven't seen the "mega mouse enhanced" logo on the boxes for any of the games anyone has mentioned (e.g. Snatcher, which I have, but I never bothered to try the mouse on them.)

It's not as if the mouse was a bad idea... for some games that are menu driven it makes a lot of sense. Just didn't receive enough popular support, I guess. Actually, I have a menacer also, and it didn't have any games, true, but it's a helluva lot better of a light gun than most that I've used, which just makes it a crying shame, especially considering all of the gun games that came out that you had to use that stupid Justifier for. (Maybe I'm just jaded, though... I think that perhaps my Justifier is defective and it has never worked properly for me).