Games freeze at title

Hi I was wondering if anybody could help me out: I use Nero to burn sega saturn iso's and all the games that I've burned using the iso format have frozen when I press start at the title screen. Please somebody help!
Need more info/details.
  • Title screen as in the actual title screen of the game (with all the nice colors and stuff
    ) looking as if it was paused or just a blank screen?
  • Are you using the swap trick to play or is your Saturn modded to play burned games?
  • Did you burn these games with or without audio tracks?
  • What speed did you burn at?
  • What brand of CD-R's did you use?
  • Were the games BIN+CUE, ISO+MP3, or ISO+WAV rips?
  • List one or two of the games.
Thanks for the reply,
and here let me fill in the details. I solved my pior problem which i figured out was just a problem with my wav convertions. Here's the new one. I used an iso-wav format to burn "black fire" and after i swap the disk the normal sega screen comes up, then the black screen before the actual game (you know the one, the sega logo dissapears and there's a brief black screen before the game loads) when it hits that, it just sticks on that screen and the game doesn't load. I'm using TDK cd-r's but i don't think that is the problem... if you have any thoughts....? I'd appreciate anything you can think of
It's possible that you failed the swap, or perhaps it requires more than the normal amount of swaps (Destruction Derby comes to mind). Did you patch the country code of the ISO before burning?
Did you burn the game with your own cuesheet?

If so, did you remember to include a gap between tracks 1 (game) and 2 (audio)?

What you've described will happen if the burned game doesn't have that gap...for some reason the Saturn needs it to be present.

Best to use Sega Cue Maker anyhow...