Games supporting TWIN STICKS?


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The subject says it all.

I have a Saturn, a Dreamcast, the fabled Saturn twin sticks and a converter to use them on the DC. (Yeah, I'm a lucky SOB, no need to comment, I know that already)

So ... What games are out there for either system that can be played with the twin sticks? Other than Virtual On, I only know of Mobile Suit Gundam on the Satty. Are there others? Does Gungriffon II work with twin sticks? How about tank-style games or stuff like that?
My brain might've just made this up, but I'm sure I remember reading that Outtrigger supports them. Don't quote me on that..
cherok: I believe so, yes. I remember once booting up a Saturn game forgetting I still had the twin sticks plugged in instead of the normal controller, and one of the sticks functioned just like the normal D-pad. The other, IIRC, didn't have any effect.

Anyway, the other night I got a copy of Gundam Side Story 0079 for the Dreamcast, gonna try and see if that works with twin sticks (although I haven't heard of it)...

Outtrigger, huh? Gonna have to check that out, too. Thanks all
Sure, Presley, I can just see it before my eyes... Controlling a huge-ass sword with tank-like controls... Yeah, that just screams "efficient." Hehe.

Tank..... Tank?

Hmm, I must try whether Assault Rigs responds to the twin sticks...

I wish there were a really cool TANK game on the Dreamcast.