Games that support link cable


Today I got my Saturn Link Cable and tried to play some games with it. The only game I got to run was Doom.

Didn´t games like Daytona USA CCE, Duke 3d, Quake....

support the link cable??

What games support it??
Some games have been re-releashed as link editions!

I know that Sega Rally Plus and Daytona CCE LE (Link Edition) supports it!
Are you talking about the NetLink (modem play) or DirectLink (direct cable linking 2 Saturns together)?

If you are referring to the DirectLink, can anyone confirm whether Virtual ON works with it or not? I've only heard from one FAQ and it states that it is unconfirmed.

Does anyone here know for certain?

EDIT: Oh yeah, before I forget... That same FAQ lists Wachenröder as being a DirectLink game! I am a proud owner of this game and I want to know what exact options are opened up via the DirectLink cable.
The only two games I know of Directlink are Doom and Gungriffin II. Virtual On, Duke 3d, Sega Rally Champ Plus and Daytona USA CCE are NETLINK only I am pretty sure. And Netlink only works with direct calls from one line to another, which sucks becuase I thought I would be able to play friends aross the country and play against people in japan through the internet, but it doesn't work that way.
Originally posted by Cecilia Chen@May 26 2002,20:41

I know the Asian version of Vertual On uses the link cable, but does the US version work as well, or was it removed?

Oooh, thanks Cecilia! I've been waiting to get that confirmed before I buy two Twin Sticks and another copy of the game! :B

Now I just have to save up two paychecks ;_;