Games u've been ripped off by...

Virtua Racing wasnt half bad on the saturn, if it had the tracks and the stock car in the 32X version, it would be god lol, really though I felt ripped off by buying Die Hard Trilogy 2 for my PC

Here is why it sucks

1. you cant jump (yes its a major pain in the ass), or strafe like in the first one

2. Its so #### dark, and I mean dark and fixing your moniter will mess up this game and it will look crap.
Well, the problem for me was NOT me playing any of the final fantasy games on an emu, the problem was they felt outdated. I mean if you begin playing ff7 and then go back to the earlier get spoiled :)

And the fact that I liked ff mystical quest...well, i played it for the first time about 7-8 years ago on a snes system and I loved it! Not fancy graphics but some good music and a very charming story.
Actualy, I played ff7 befor ff3, but ended up loving it anyways. I don't belive I am a person who has been spoiled by grafx, and I have proof 2: I still play my atari 2600 and love it :) , the thing can be a lot of fun if your playing with friends and you have the right games. Grafx is no substitute for gameplay I say.
nah, everybody who dislikes FFVII says that #### same thing. that's basically saying Lunar and Lunar 2 are FMV for RPGs also.
My two biggest ripoffs were Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. I bought these purely on hype and friend's recommendations. They're not even games! They play on game machines, but they lack even the basic characteristics of a game. (Fun, player-friendly controls)

I think Chrono Cross was a marginal disappointment. Final Fantasy 8 more so.

The best surprise I ever got out of a game was probably Radiant Silvergun. I bought it when the buzz started to pick up, and picked it up along with Samurai Collection 3+4 and another throw-in game for $40. Quite a little score. Oh yeah, Final Fantasy Tactics was a great surprise too. (even though the challenge takes a dump after you get Orlandu)
Dig, now you're on icy water. How can you call Resident Evil a ripoff? I mean, it's a very large game with puzzles and different story endings, nice graphics and some very cool FMV's. And the control is perfect as soon as get the hang of it.

I think your problem with this game is that you just don't like it, but it doesn't make the game a ripoff.

(If you complained about the voice acting, I'd see your point, truly bad :) )
Actually, not liking a game is a good enough reason to give it a 'rip off' label. If you don't think you got your moneys' worth, for whatever reason, then you were 'ripped off'.

If you consider FFVII bad FFVIII is just terrible. That's when they started to get rid of plot and focus on graphics. This is the end of final fantasy as far as I'm concerned.
Bum deal happened to me a few years ago. I baught a modded psx and 300 games for $300.00. The dude,which I knew Jing Li; he said I can pay him half, while I can pay him the rest later. In the meantime he gave me the goods. Well, it turned out he only had 75 games, which isn't the amount he said. He tried to offer me some other games, but I wanted my money back. In the end, giving the psx back to the dude :( . I was stuck with scratched up HK disks :( . Oh well. Yeah, I'm dumb. No one has to comment on this any further. Yeah, I knew it would've been smart to check out his stuff, but he had #### good marketing skills...

On the bright side though, I got a good deal a few months ago. I got Dragon Warrior IV for only $3.00!!!

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I think Resident Evil is a game for non-gamers. Its features are gore, simplistic puzzles and cheap thrills. In that respect, I felt ripped off.

I hate Tomb Raider even more, because so many people tout it as some kind of groundbreaking game. The only ground it broke was putting triangle tits and and gourad shaded ass on a videogame protagonist. The controls are shit, the levels are sedatives.

I don't feel I have to debate this, because these points are all true and all enough to demonstrate the games were hyped over what they delivered, and thus I'm justified in feeling ripped. If you felt you got your money's worth with these games, I'm excited for you, because you're going to go absolutely apeshit when you finally discover real video games. I'd suggest you start with Unreal Tournament.
FWIW I quite liked Tomb Raider - the original, anyway - and find all FPSs, including Unreal Tournament, exceptionally dull. :(

Opinions are like arseholes - everyone has one, and they all stink, except your own ;)

Unreal Tournament had good grafx and surfrisingly fast and fun gameplay I thought. I played it on my pc, not on DC or PS2 though, which you might have. I also thought online play sucked, I only realy got into the offline mode.
personally, I play each game in and of itself regardless of whether its a sequel..

that said, I played and enjoyed every final fantasy game to date.. everyone's got their own opinions about em, everyones go their own favorite.. its pretty much pointless to argue about it.. each is a good game in and of itself.. if your in love with a character/plot from one your dissapointed by the next, since theres no common storyline tying em all together..

whoever said that FF8 was when 'they stopped focusing on plot just graphics' obviously never played the first... #### the plot was find four rocks and kill the bad guy.. at the time, though, it was enthralling, as we only had dragon warrior to compare it to (the plot of which is kill dragon, save girl).. #### in FF8 you go to space and back in time and hither and tither.. oh well, no point in arguing.. people have the same gripe about Shenmue.. to each their own.. personally I'm more entertained watching a rich plot unfold through FMV and anim sequences than I am by counting exp. points after the 2-frame goblin sprite fades to black..

regardless.. none in the series could be called a 'rip off' whether or not someone liked it compared to the others, they were never priced outrageosly.. and anyone who thought when the 3 cd ff7 was announced that it would play like a SNES title, and not be full of FMV and special effects, has a hole in their head. you think they drew a gig and a half of goblin sprites?

now, if you wanna talk rip-offs, so far EVERYONE has missed the point..

i once bought Shaq-Fu at a garage sale for a quarter. now thats a true rip off. that guy really saw me comin fer sure.. thats the kinda game that makes you wish that Michael Jacksons Moonwalker had a sequel.

i also bought a copy of everquest thinking that playing online with lots of ppl would be 'cool'.. that was before i realized how many losers there are online these days.. it really should be marked on the box.. "waring, the internet is full of pathetic lifeless boring-ass geeks who you wouldnt even sit next to on the bus so why the #### do you want to play with them"
Out of all the games mentioned so far nobody has turely played the biggest rip off game in the world!! I didnt buy it, but rented it to copy it, and boy o boy what a wasted $5 that was, its called Renegade Racers for the PSX made by Interplay, my god!! I never could Imagine a game so poorly made ever in my life, (then again I havent tried sh-t like Telletubbies either...) I was just running out of games and decided to get it the thing......Man the music is soooo #### stupid and horrible you want to take it out right away, but you just keep playing to see if the level even changes....I got to like level 4 and it was still the same thing over and over again.......AAAhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

And for someone to say Resident Evil series is no good, you just dont like survival horror type games I found all of them (except Survivor) extremely fun to play at night with the lights off in surround sound, but now its nothing but Silent Hill 2!! That game just kills all other Horror type games....Gory, great plot, really evil looking monsters, and most of all excellent music!! Oh and Im also a Final Fantasy fan! I played FF1 u.s. version on NES all the way to the end it was great game!! And I played FF2 us version on SNES all the way to the end twice!! I also beat Mystic Quest I found that game easy but the music and storyline kept me playing over and over again.... Then I got FF3 us for SNES and I thought allthough the graphics were outstanding and the music was all there, it was just missing something....I got bored after 1 week of playing it (a few hours a day) and I quit playing it.....all other FF games have been crap ever since and I no longer play those games....(Allthough I do have the new FF2 for the PSX and its awesome!!) Oh and before I go I must mention other SH-T games out there........Shadow and PO'ed for 3DO, Death Crimson for Sega Saturn, X-Squad for PS2 lol what garbage, Oni for the PS2 (crappiest control ever ina game) , Oh well, thats just my opinion Final Fantasy 2 (us SNES) rules when it comes to RPG's I like the characters names alot also..... later.
Must... not .... get into Final Fantasy debate....

Anyway, I agree with you on some of those points. I have played a few, and some were pretty bad. Arg trying to think of some other rip-off games but I can't. I got an idea! It'll be a new thread in a minute :)