Gaming prowess and age

This has always bothered me, I'm sure I was a whole lot better at games about ten years ago (when I was nine) than I am now. Children can always beat adults on games. Why is this? WHY?? Does ten years of practice count for nothing?? *veins bulge out of head* NYYAAAARRRRRGH
most kids are born and bred on gaming machines nowadays so they learn games at an earlier age and stuff. i know some pretty olde ppl 50+ that can smoke ppl our age at sc and other games. so i don't think as you get older you get worse you just gotta compete with the kids that have grown up with this stuff.

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practice is everything. yet many games call for you to make an instantanious (spelling) review of a situation and react in order to stay alive. Also you need good intuitive powers. these things may diminish with age. You know kindah like hair.
I've had games since I was pretty young (Repton on the BBC!), but I guess maybe it's that you don't dedicate the time. I musta finished Sonic like 100 times when I was younger, you just couldn't do it now if you had the inclination. Maybe how good you are is related to something, like the foot and penis size thing. Maybe like, the more acne you have the better you are. That's why gamers get called spotty geeks.

There are a few games I could blaze through back when I was in grade school... back in like 1984... that I can't beat easily now, but there's no way in blue #### that I could have been the god of games that I am now. Street Fighter, Tekken, Armored Core, Power Stone... BRING IT!
Well I have been playing games sense I was about 3-4 years old, and I think I have gotten a lot better at them sense then. One thing I have never understood though was that my younger brother has ALWAYS been better at games then me. He's like some sort of gaming god, almost no one ever beats him at anything game related. The strange thing though is that he realy doesn't care about games much, almost everything he knows about them he learned from eather me or his friends.
when i started playing games my hand to eye coordination was shot to ####. I think the games helped me develope that and now i am much better, i still keep getting my arse munched by opposing force (girlfriend) at hald life and UT though. Might be something in the athlon Tbird versus K6 department that might have something to do with that...