Gen emulator for Mac

Does anyone know of a Gen emulator for the Mac. I just made the switch and found one for the SNES and looking for a Gen one.
Actripxl... CONGRATULATIONS! Glad to see you've gone to the Mac platform. What made you switch? For me is was WinME's unstability, not to mention my first computer was an old PowerBook 520c. I gotta 5300cs right now.
Hey thanks for the info on the emulator guys. Well I got the ibook 800 and there are various reasons why I switched to the mac.

1. OSX is awesome, this is what an operating system should be.

2. Didn't belive that crap that Macs are more expensive, when you break it down on price and quality of components the mac some time winds up being cheaper

3. One word "Pallidium"
One more thing now that I see im not the only one to have a mac. Please let me know of any good mac sites you know of since Im still a newbie to the mac.