Genesis 1 to Sega CD 2



I am looking at purchasing this combo. Problem is, the cables are kinda mixed

up in a box. What all cables am I going to need and how exactly are they connected.

Or, can someone scan the Sega CD 2 manual where it shows how this combo gets connected?

Besides the power adapters, you should only worry about the audio cable.

The audio cable goes from the headphone jack from the front of the Genesis, and around to the back of the SegaCD.

The audio cable is just 2 stereo jacks on both ends of the wire. If you have ever seen stereo headphones than you have seen this type of jack.

The jacks kinds look like this:


Beware though, I think the Model2 SegaCD has a lousy audio jack. If you lose the right-channel in the stereo sound, Don't blame the audio cable. Test the audio cable on something else and it might just be a busted jack on the SegaCD.