Genesis 3 50/60Hz Switch


I'm a newbie here, but I've looked all over the web to find this and have so far found nothing - does anyone have instructions about how to add a 50/60Hz switch (& a language switch too while you're at it...) to a Sega Genesis 3? Is it even possible? I assume it's just a case of the usual JP3 & 4 switch, but according to this site the Genesis 2 needed another trace cut for whatever reason. Please help!!!
the mod is possible since I've seen one sold on ebay once, but that was the first and only time I ever heard or saw anything at all about the genesis 3 modding.
Thanks for the reply, however late :)

But is it really safe to permenantly remove the resistors you mention when making the switches?
I've just done this mod to my Megadrive 2 v4 (Thanks again Mike G), and I can assure you that removing the resisors is safe. They are 0 ohm resistors so are the same as a wire link and affectivly act as a permanent switch anyway.

By switching the switch (there must be a better way of saying that ;)) you are doing the same as moving the 0 ohm link from one position to the other.

I hope this helps :)