Genesis rom dumping

Well? I've got one of those generic Genesis Mark III 8 in 1 carts sitting here. But not just any generic Mark III 8 in 1. This one has an awful Korean pirate Street Fighter, coded for the SMS/Mark III/Game Gear. This thing isn't dumped, is it?

I also used to have a Game Gear cart with the same game and some of those crappy NES Game Gear conversions but some ####### stole it.
There are still people dumping Genesis ROMS, fyi. for example one of the groups just dumped the hk mortal kombat 5, which has never been dumped before. Also, other hk games, like Lion King 2 and Poket Monster 2 have been dumped recently. The group is working on other quality (^_^) hk's like Sonic 5 and Lion King 3.