Genesis ROMS on hardware

I know the old school has probably discussed this one already.

But, I am trying to figure out how to play the roms I have accumulated from the net (on a cd) on actual Gen hardware. DONT CLOSE THIS MESSAGE YET! This is not the same old play gen roms on sega cd argument... hear me out.

First of all, there are those "cuttle carts" for the 2600 and "intellicarts" for the Intellivision. Both of these allow one to play roms on the actual hardware via a cable to the serial port.

Second, there are those Blockbuster rental carts which allowed one to transfer presumably ROMS onto a black cart and play it on the system.

Considering both of these and more, here is my question: IS THERE ANYWAY TO GET THE COOL GAME ON MY COMPUTER INTO MY REAL GENESIS???

Does anyone know how to put a rom on a "blank" cart? Because I would buy one of those blank rental carts in a heartbeat if someone understands the hardware.
HK pirates figured this stuff out forever ago. i could swear ive seen them before, but i cant find a link to it, but i know that things like this are avalable for the SNES witha little bit of looking.
Your best bet would be to build yourself a flashcart and a linker. The flashcart is pretty easy, it's just a flashrom on a small PCB, the reader/writer is the main trick.
I see this stuff for SNES! They have all of these back up systems, but I haven't seen anything for the Genesis.

My question now is; How did those (flash?) carts from Blockbuster work? or how did the Hong Kong people make carts?

I cannot believe that with all the hard core SEGA people in america that no one has figured this out yet. You all have gen hardware and a rare rom on your computer. Why hasn't anyone made this for genesis.

Those SNES systems always suggest a GEN equivelent. But I never saw a photo or verification that one actually exists other than the blockbuster carts. Anyone ever transfer something to one?
There are genesis backup units just like for snes. The reason you never hear anything about them is because there are fewer models. The genesis setup is much simpler than the snes on so there were only a couple models made, and the obvious ram upgrades to go with them.

The blockbuster flash carts are quite simple.

You instert the cart, select a game, it erases the cart, uploads new game, you take cart home to play.
Ahh, now I see.

but gameboy900, have you seen a back up unit? I did a web search and didn't find one.

Also, does anyone know about or have access to information about the blockbuster hardware? Is the hardware still around in collectors hands?

I have some HK bootleg carts, but I never opened them up. I wouldn't have enough tech knowledge to figure out how they work. Anyone think they could do some reverse engineering on these carts? I can probably open them up and take pictures.
Well the genesis units are alot rarer than the snes ones. Some can even do both the snes and genesis. I think there was a thread in the genesis forum about this already.

Making the actuall flash cart is as simple as taking any regular genesis game, taking out the game rom chip and replaceing it with a flash chip. It's the flash writer that's hard to do.