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Today I have added Aladdin and Revenge of Shinobi music to our Genesis Soundtrack section!

Aladdin has some really cool tunes. Most of the Disney games are awesome and this game is no exception and as always has a great soundtrack. Check out the Arab Rock tracks, very good.

Revenge of Shinobi is one great Ninja game following in the footsteps of Shadow Dancer this game does not dissapoint. If you love Yuzo Koshiro compositions then you will love the music to this game.

Have at it!

Jaded God

Alright Revenge of Shinobi, thanks ice! :cheers


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Originally posted by Jaded God@Jun 21, 2003 @ 04:12 PM

Alright Revenge of Shinobi, thanks ice! :cheers

:agree ....that had one of the best soundtracks EVER (Like a wind is my fave in the game)