Genesis wireless controllers


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Just wanted to know if the wireless Genny controllers worked good.

Crossed my mind that, if they did, it would be cool to have

Lemme know what you guys think.

I have two pairs.. one set actually made by Sega themselves (They actually look like regular Gen controllers) and another set made by Akklaim; and they TRIED to copy Gen controllers as closely as they were allowed. I'm a BIG fan of wireless controllers.. I try to have at least one pair for every console I own. Honestly.. I've NEVER had a single problem with any I've had; but then again.. I'm not a "button masher". I play mostly RPGs, strategy and platformers where a "quick response" isn't really important.. but I must say.. that even the occasional fighting game I drag out seems to work fine.. but then again.. I'm NOT a "button-masher". Most people think they're worthless though. I like the convenience of having them around and handy.. but not having a dozen cords to contend with over time. One last thing.. they will tend to eat up batteries a little quick.. even with an "auto-off" feature.