not at all.. never.. ever.. no fucking way in ####.. now run, run as fast as you can, before I explode.
This question comes up at least once a month...

The answer to your question is "no". There is no way (barring some serious breakthroughs in computer science) to make a Genesis ROM image run from CD. The Sega Classics collections contain versions of the games that have been modified (i.e. reprogrammed) to run from Sega CD RAM.

If you think that a program to do this reprogramming automatically could be written with very little trouble, I suggest reading up on The Halting Problem to get a general idea of the sort of demons that lurk in automated analysis of computer programs.
I've noticed that the Genesis Forum's description has changed to accomodate this question.

Will anyone else read it though?
Believe it or not I actually spent a lot of time reading the forums, and their descriptions, prior to posting the query. I also checked out every post in this particular forum to see if it had come up before. It had not. One or two of you actually gave some useful information while the rest of you used the forum to work up your comedy routines. Thanks to the former and a hearty middle finger salute the the latter. for example.

there's more postings that are more specific (pretty identical wording to yours) in the genesis and scd forums.

the reason why I react like this is because I get this very question every 1-4 weeks. I explained it alot of times why it's impossible, and I'm really, really tired of seeing it pop up all the time.
Quote: from Ruddygore on 12:03 am on Nov. 13, 2001

...Thanks to the former and a hearty middle finger salute the the latter.

Consider it it cheerfully returned :)