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Ok, well i love playing over the internet using the kaillera client for Gens 1.90. I like to play golden axe III and mega bomberman most of all and i didn't know if other people on this board did to so, i'm gonna find out.

My idea is that the people on SX that use gens and know how to actually use kaillera... well... some one (me) could originize genesis game tournaments or just times really, that people on SX could play against eachother. Just leave the date you want to play on, the name of the game(spelled exactly how your rom is spelled), and the server you're going to be playing on. It would also help to have a messenger number or name to be contacted at.

Anyway, if you put this up, people would reply to it and you could get a game going. So rarely do people ever have a genesis game going. it's always MAME or KAWAKS. Maybe this idea shits, or maybe i've got something here, but i need your input. So i guess i'll start.

I want to play a game of :MegaBomberman (spelled that way) using Gens 1.90.

I want to play on april 21, if possible, or as soon as i can when some one repleys.

The server i use is: [NEKKID]. I use the name Gallstaff

So reply if your up for a game of Mega Bomberman!
I can't belive i'm the ONLY one who thinks this is a good idea. Even mysticales hasn't replyed and she is more involved with gens than any of us.
Im sorry I was out for a couple days, Your posting on wrong forum...I talked about this on gens forum I belive. I plan to make a "EMU Day" on killera and host a GENS server to play on. We all meet and play the games. Just have fun.
How did i post in the wrong forum? Any way, when are you gonna do this. I've spent coutless hours playing battle toads, toejam and earl, and golden axe three over the net. Arcade emulation over kaillera is good too. So... when are you going to make a kailler server for us to hog?
Originally posted by Gallstaff@April 26 2002,09:15

How did i post in the wrong forum?

You weren't posting in the forum she was looking at.
Ok well anyway, when do you plan to set up the server? I WANT A CHALLENGE AT STREET FIGHTER TWO TURBO!

Then play it in a CPS emulator. There was no port of Turbo to Genesis/MD. Champion Edition and SSF2 were ported, but sadly not Turbo.
The only "Street Fighter 2 Turbo" Genesis ROM I'm aware of is just Champion Edition hacked to say "ST Turbo" on the title screen...
Really? wow. Ok then.. champion edition. Hey... what was street fighter one on? Cause... i've never even seen or played SF1 come to think of it!
I've seen Street Fighter 1 first of name under Atari ST, Arcade(works with mame), Amstrac CPC, Nes and maybe there was a port on other system....
Ok enough about street fighter, can we have these gens things or not cause i am so damn sick of marvel vs capcom...
I think SF1 was also ported to PC Engine CD / TurboGrafx CD under the title "Fighting Street".

I'd be up for some Gens netplay, if I can resolve my current controller situation, anyway... or maybe I could just bite the bullet and use the keyboard. It's not that bad once I get used to it.