Get a Sega folding bike!

Has anyones seen old japanese sega comercials of there crazy toys. I remember one of a R2D2 looking toy that tossed plastic balls at you so you could play baseball. Strange stuff indeed! :blink:

Is there a Sega department that just makes Miscellaneous stuff?
The bike was actually part of online poll they had on the Sega Direct website (formerly D-Direct). There was about 12 miscellaneous products to vote for, I personally wanted the Dreamcast backpack, I saved the pic, but I have nowhere to upload it, oh well <_<
Here's the fun:


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G4TV gave me a heart attack this morning with the headline:

Sega Collapses

Of course talking about the bike, but seeing those words gave me a good scare.
why???? why do we want a folding bike......why don't they work on somthing better, like releaseing the canned games.........

Sonic Xtreme

Saturn Shenmue

but no we get a sodding bike?!? :damn: