Get Vay correctly to work

I have the Iso+Mp3 from this game. I've burned it TAO but the fmv's are "jerkily" ( sorry I'm from Germany ). I mean the sequence is stocking and sometimes the audio also. I tried Tao, DAO, 1_speed_burning and so on.I'm not that newbie.I have burned many Games in my life. All my other Sega CD copies are fine. I got them all to work. A friend of mine ownes the original of this game.I made a 1:1 copy with nero at 10_speed_reading and 4_speed writing, like all my other working backups, but there is the same problem. I have never seen such kind of problem before! I also tried different brands of Cdr's, but i can't get this thing correctly to work.I'm going Insane. Maybe there is some Genius who can help me!
Since you are from germany I assume you play the game at 50 Hz. You have to play this game at 60 Hz, the audio/video synch doesn't work right at 50 Hz
Bei den meißten Spielen wirst du keine Probleme haben aber einige, insbesondere die 4 Working Designs Spiele brauchen 60 Hz damit die Videos richtig laufen bzw. die Ton Synchronisation stimmt. Heart of the Alien (us) wirst du z.B. auf europäischen Geräten ohne 60 Hz Schalter gar nicht erst zum laufen bringen. Für den Umbau schau in der misc section oder bei gamesx nach.
Shit! My MD II now runs with 60Hz but my Mega Cd won't! It gives me an error message:

This Mega CD is made for PAL and not for NTSC mode...